Molyneux once lost his girlfriend to gaming

Have you fallen so deeply in love with a game that your flesh-and-blood partner couldn't get a look in?

You're not the only one: Peter Molyneux has revealed that he once lost a girlfriend thanks to his addiction to Wizardry, the pioneering RPG from the early '80s.

"I totally became obsessed with that game, to the point where I lost my girlfriend by playing it," the Lionhead boss told at E3. "I left her down the pub three times!"

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firemassacre2486d ago ShowReplies(3)
versusALL2486d ago

Lets see girls or gaming. No offense but I'll choose girls.

Warprincess1162486d ago

Wow who disagreed with you. They need to get their priorities straight.

mrv3212486d ago

I'd choose gaming for one simple reason, if a girl can't accept what my HOBBIES are then she can leave.

Also I need more Hats.

killerhog2486d ago

You need to get your priority straight in what gender you want to be, but apparently you choose feMALE

FlashXIII2486d ago

As mrv321 said.. if a girl/woman can't accept your passions why would you stick with her? Ditch that ignorant hoe and get with someone who isn't so narrow minded. That way you get gaming and girls!

Why o why2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )


say if your hobby is crack AND gaming :)

and some people say they have a passion or a hobby when what they really have is an addiction

FlashXIII2486d ago

I don't think you can really call gaming an addiction. Go do heroin for three months then try compare that addiction to gaming.. apples and oranges.

Why o why2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

no no no

i didnt say gaming is an addiction i said gaming and any other thing people label as hobbies and passions can actually be them being addicted to it like i am porn or n4g...I take breaks but its almost like i need my i explaining this right?? Im mo way comparing serious drug addictions to gaming ones, thas silly im just saying that an addiction no matter how insignificant it may seem can have disruptive and negative effects

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Kran2486d ago

How about a girl thats into gaming?

killerhog2486d ago

If it's not a dude pretending to be a girl like warprincess116 then yes

I_find_it_funny2486d ago

nah man, non-gamer girl is better in the long run, everyone will tell ya

thehitman2486d ago

I got a gamer chick she into mmo type stuff its fun etc cus when i decide to play those type of games she wont bother me just hop in w/ me and play some girl healer class and play together. Yet she can still cook clean when I say and if I am on a game she understands. Best GF to have.

Emilio_Estevez2486d ago

I'll chose the games, you can always find another girl. If she's not cool with gaming then she's prolly not that cool.

For the record, I didn't agree or disagree w/ u. It's an opinion and choice.

Der_Kommandant2486d ago


You got disagrees for saying that? Unbelievable...

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dark-hollow2486d ago

if this trash get approved i swear am gonna quit n4g!

Kran2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Well its at 8 approvals as i write this. I do give out 2 approvals so I could approve it. (but i wont)

Besides, this article brings out awareness in relationships to gaming. Only by a bit though

killerhog2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Obviously if he lost his gf and majority of gamers are guys. Can't rebound to another girl if it's a sausage festival. He can jump back up but probably landed on something he wasn't expecting

Deadman_Senji2486d ago

Why would anybody admit to that publically?

Nicaragua2486d ago

Well when the game you are working on looks as pants as Fable:The Journey then you need another way to try and grab peoples attention.

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