New weapon screens revealed for Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends

Tecmo Koei Games have released another set of new screenshots for their upcoming title, Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends, showcasing two new weapons that will be added.

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Sashamaz2333d ago

lol they still use that dated xtreme naming scheme

DragonKnight2333d ago

As opposed to the brand new Extreme naming scheme?

Andreas-Sword2333d ago

In Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends, there will be also two new Modes: Legends-Mode and Challenge-Mode
For me Day 1 buy!

Tikicobra2333d ago

They're making ANOTHER one?? Do they ever stop?

Lord_Sloth2333d ago

No, nor should they.

*fingers crossed for custom characters*

MidnytRain2333d ago

Every series needs to stop eventually unless major upgrades or changes are made along the way.

Lord_Sloth2333d ago

No, I don't like Dynasty Warriors. I LOVE Dynasty Warriors. It's a great game that you can rely on to kill some time and it's always there when I need to burn off some stress.

It doesn' change much, true, but at least it adds SOMETHING unlike the CoD franchise.

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radphil2333d ago


Least there's actual changes vs a series like Madden or CoD.

Tikicobra2332d ago

Why are you people comparing these games to Call of Duty? What changes between games? In one of them you fight repetitive enemies in a field, in the next you fight repetitive enemies in a volcano.

radphil2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

The same could be said why you are displaying hatred to a game.

I can give you a big change first off between G2 and G3:

G3 is cell-shaded.

Also it's funny, cause you say one in a field then in a volcano.

On a FPS...sounds just like the same, except it would be in a city, then open fields, then tunnels.

blackbirdi2333d ago

i think titris is more inovative than this one

v1c1ous2333d ago

anyone that plays Madden/NBA 2k/CoD should not complain about dynasty warriors series!