Home users "the most hardcore" on PS3

EuroGamer - The populace of PlayStation Home are "the most hardcore gamers on PS3", reckons service director Jack Buser.

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Nate-Dog2642d ago

The term "hardcore" is used a bit often and in the wrong context I think, I get confused with its meaning half the time myself. But really, Home users? The people that spend loads of time on Home are probably the ones that actually play games less than others since they'd prefer to waste their time socialising on it than... you guessed it, playing games.

ISKREEM2642d ago

Hey, i'm a pretty "hardcore" gamer, and I like to socialize over Home every now and then. Usually when i'm in between games, which seems to be the case for most people, as stated in the article.

Emilio_Estevez2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Don't hate, everyone has different tendencies. I would agree w/ hardcore here seeing as how they are using a feature of the console that is often overlooked and casuals are not even aware of. Just b/c they use home doesn't mean they don't play "hardcore" games. What's not hardcore about that?

Lifendz2642d ago

I guess hardcore in the sense that they're the most dedicated to a particular thing and only that thing. I'm hardcore about FPS', but I play other games. The people that frequently use Home are so dedicated that they probably play Home more than any other game.

But I agree, we do throw the term hardcore around so much that it's lost its least its original meaning.

subtenko2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Cause hardcore gamers like to socialize virtually too.

oh and for anyone saying "when you could be doing stuff in the real world", then wtf are you doing on a computer here on n4g? yea..stfu... dang hypocrites.

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BeaArthur2642d ago

If they were that hardcore they would be playing a game and not meandering around a virtual mall.

femshep2642d ago

yes hardcore......standing in a line to go bowling in a virtual world.....i thought that was the meaning of no life but hey we learn something everyday the real world bowling ally with my friends...then the movie =D

HeavenlySnipes2642d ago

When is the last time you went on Home? They have tons of legitimate games that are miles better than bowling.

femshep2642d ago

psht never cause home is the worst idea next to facebook

and i was just using bowling as an still stand in lines to do things that you can ACTUALLY do in the real world and socialize with people

Cenobia2642d ago


So I guess you've never played a sports game like Madden?

Or any video games at all since you're so busy doing real things and talking with real people.


Pixel_Enemy2642d ago

To each their own. I personally like the theater's in home from time to time. It is cool hanging out with people and watching some videos, clips, shows, trailers and BSing about it.

Deadman_Senji2642d ago

Eurogamer doesn't know shit about the PS3 userbase and always seem to go out of their way to attack the system in some snooty bullshit way.

Im really getting sick of that site.

FunAndGun2642d ago

I don't spend much time in Home, but when I visit, there are never really people with high trophy levels. This leads me to believe they spend more time in Home than playing games on the least the majority of people I ran into.

On the other hand, there are plenty of GAMES inside Home to play. So even if they are logged into Home, they could be playing those games hours on end.

Guess you can be hardcore playing KZ3, Sodium 2, or Chess in Central Plaza!

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The story is too old to be commented.