Bobby Kotick interview exclusive: Vita is great, but where's the market?'

Guardian - Bobby Kotick doesn't give many interviews. He doesn't really need to. Via a few off-the-cuff remarks, the chief executive and president of Activision has become one of the most quoted executives in the industry, his statements pounced upon and often mangled by games industry bloggers who see him as the epitomy of corporate evil.

He has certainly presided over a turbulent year for the mammoth third-party games publisher. Massive sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops were countered by the apparent axing of the previously successful Guitar Hero franchise, and a legal spat with the co-founders of Infinity Ward, the creator of the million-selling Modern Warfare titles. This Christmas, Modern Warfare 3 is likely to bring in at least $1bn for Activision, and its rivalry with EA's Battlefield 3 title is likely to define the games market for the year.

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Soldierone2547d ago

There is a market for Vita, all Sony has to do is get the thing into peoples hands. If Sony was smart they would set up kiosks everywhere, along with having events to let people play it in major cities. Advertise like hell through letting people play it.

Honestly. My GF had no interest in it at all until she got to play it. Now we have two of them on pre order. Even I was like "whatever" and was debating it until I got to play it...the thing is friggin awesome.

FlashXIII2547d ago

Sony aren't like Microsoft in their marketing and it's cost them quite a bit this gen I think. They just don't invest in their marketing as much as they probably should. Vita will do well though I think but maybe not as well as it potentially could.

Minato-Namikaze2547d ago

That's good, MS would rather spend 30 million to advertise a game while Sony spends that money to make games. It's a lot harder to advertise 10 games a year compared to 1 or 2.

Soldierone2547d ago

Yeah. I rather them spend the money on the games anyways. I dont care how many it sells as long as it sells enough to keep Sony happy and in profit range.

However what Im saying is commercials are all fine and dandy, but that isn't going to work as well. People need to actually PLAY Vita in order to know why they want them. The commercials should be something like "go play it at this event" so people just go try it. From there let the reps and the system itself do the talking.

Regular advertising for handhelds like this has been absolutely killed by the phone market....

harrisk9542547d ago

Another headline for hits... READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW... he was extremely positive about the PSV and its place in the market:

Yes, I've played WipeOut and a few of the other titles…
It is a fantastic piece of hardware. Technically, we're super excited about what we can do on it, it's really something incredible. The question is, where is the market? I think the pricing was surprisingly affordable, the product itself is really great – so the questions is, is there a need in the marketplace for a very specialised portable device of that capability? Hopefully there will be because it's a really nice product and its very well differentiated from what you can get in even the most capable smartphone or tablet today.

Soldierone2547d ago

No where in my comment was I negative about what he said....I did read the whole interview, it was rather interesting.

If fact his comment is what brought my comment to mind. What separates it from smartphones and tablets? Well here, play it yourself. Thats what Sony needs to do.

harrisk9542547d ago

Sorry dude... didn't mean to put this post under you... it was meant to be a comment on the headline of the article and how it is trying to make an issue where none exists. I am no fan of Bobby Kotick. But, he was actually positive in this article and the Guardian tries to put a negative spin on it.

Your comment was not negative in the slightest and I apologize if you thought I was implying anything of the sort.

fear882547d ago

+Bubbles for civility. I have not seen this in a while on N4G.

Oxymoron0282547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I think he was commenting on your post because your post is at the top of the comments.

And he's right, Kotick will have a hard on for the PSV because he's bringing Call of Duty to it. (which is bound to shit units like the clap in a brothel).

The title is misleading. But then again, look who posted it. Course he's going to be butt hurt that developers prefer the PSV to the 3DS. So he's going to try and spin the facts.

nix2547d ago

it's ok Bobby... we don't need your average games too.

jujubee882547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

The slight irony in Koticks statement is that his own companies games are what is making a market for the PS Vita.

For as much as people may love or hate COD, that series really hooked a lot of people and turned them into gamers that like shooters, the genre and even online gaming.

Very funny that Kotick kind of doesn't see that PS Vita is basically going to extend the current experiences for those fans of his companies games but, just make it on the go.

Corrwin2547d ago

If SONY offered it only as a subscription, Kotick would be all over it.

heylo2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

the PSV could establish a new audience - the semi-casuals:
"new gamers" - people who just found out that they like smarthphone games and don't have home consoles but would also want to try out console-like games with classic button controls
or in short: the PSV as a home console replacement handheld

edit: lol @ the image

Apollyn2547d ago

I'm the market. People like me right here. The type of person that got you into the position you are today you giant fucking dick cheese.

Apologies on the language I just hate this man.

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