EA wishes Star Wars: The Old Republic were cheaper to make, but not bothered by it

TVGB: "EA’s “largest ever development project,” Star Wars: The Old Republic, has been creating headlines aplenty with its possible $100 million development cost. Mind you, that figure’s speculative and came out of an equally speculative comparison with World of Warcraft, though chief financial officer Eric Brown HAS confirmed the MMO’s cost is up “significantly” from the publisher’s average, $30 million packaged game.

In any case, EA isn’t too bothered about the investment."

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GoldPS32606d ago

How can it cost that much? Ridiculous.

novaspire2606d ago

peoples salaries, supplies, computers, copyright fees, servers, developers, artists, script writers, software, the list goes on

wohoo2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

And don't forget all those voice actors..

BeastlyRig2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I guess with the huge world & 200 plus hours of cut scenes& 200 hours plus of dialogue per class, plus marketing, paying actors, devs, animators, & buying servers.. it adds up!

It's been a while since this kinda money was spent on a pc title! Glad to see it happen!

silvacrest2606d ago

well, MMO's can see big money returns if they succeed

BIXOMAU2606d ago

BioWare has 800 employees across four studios: Edmonton, Austin, Montreal, BioWare Mythic. Source: http://www.industrygamers.c...

SWTOR is being developed in Austin, and considering the huge game SWTOR is, i'd say more than 1/4 of the total employees is working there. Let's say 250.

Now, if you consider an average salary of $50k and the fact that the game has been in development for 5 years this amounts to a total of $62.5 million. JUST in salaries.

Now, considering voice acting costs (assuming voice actors are not BW employees but hired on contract), SW licensing, operational costs and you got, in my opinion, a very plausible number of $100 million

Inside_out2606d ago

EA runs around all day trying to be Activision...they are losing. Activision is drowning in money because they build what people WANT, not what you want them to want.

World at war is a template that all these guys are trying to achieve. COD is a template that all these guys are trying to copy. Guitar Hero WAS the template before it was made irrelevant by all these companies, much the same way they are attacking COD now, copied them and destroyed the market.

EA is a parasite and a diseased one at that. They destroy franchises not build them. They have a monopoly on the sport franchises and that has been their saving grace. Criterion use to be cutting edge with even their own middle-ware and now they are nothing. FPS Black could of been the COD of this generation but EA killed that game and everyone that made it.

When Activision announced COD Elite, EA was caught with their pants would of loved to see their dumb, pathetic faces when they heard about it. Activision just keeps making EA look stupid on a world stage and when they get in front of a judge, it will be hilarious how they try and explain all those E-mails where they discuss stealing CoD.

Bioware is a quality enterprise but I understand that Lukas arts is ending their affiliation. Maybe they noticed that Bioware was stealing all their concepts for themselves and their own IP's...cough...Mass Effect...cough.

EA wants you to pay for demo's...O_o...they want you to sign up any time you even play an EA game. You can bet they will come up with their own subscription scam for not only Battlefield but ALL their IP's. In short, they are a "me too" company with no innovation and spend all their time stealing everybody Else's idea's.

Look what happen with the UFC. Dana White went to EA ( PERSONALY ) sports first and they, EA, said nobody cares about it's hey, look at us, our MMA game is the hope they lose BILLIONS.

femshep2606d ago

well what do you want EA, a good game that has production value, quality, gameplay, and the history and background of star wars that George Lucas not only approves of but supports as well? yes? that's what i thought now shut up and let the devs do there work....its biowares last chance of not being sell outs cause they already killed 2 of there franchises

Jocosta2606d ago

What they really mean is "we wish we didn't have to have employees". Believe me, if they could eliminate staff, they would.

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