VGLoaded: DiRT 3 Review

VGLoaded's James Chalmers takes to the wheel as he explores the rally world of DiRT 3. Does Codies continue the success that DiRT 2 started? Or does it get a flat tyre?

From the review:

"Add the fact that you have to contend with snow and rain weather conditions and racing from the cockpit is a totally different experience. Nothing beats taking a corner at high speed in the snow only for the car in front to speed off leaving your cockpit and view blinded by a spray of snow. It’s learning how to master and overcome these that will give you that podium finish."

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greengamer2641d ago

great review, picked it up at launch on 360 and still playing it now! The monte carlo DLC is quality add-on too!

mmoplaya2641d ago

This could very well be GOTY but we all know it won't and it'll go to a shooter like MW3 or BF3. Dissapointing as an amazing game will be overlooked

bumnut2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I disagreed because I don't think it is anywhere near GOTY material, I do agree that a shooter will be GOTY though.

Pintheshadows2640d ago

I disagreed because I feel you are wrong. DIRT 3 may be the best racing game this entire gen.

bumnut2640d ago

Thats great but the discussion was about whether it would be game of the year.