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TheLastGuardian20102574d ago

Just so you guys are aware...For people who are "Let the next generation come NOAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!&quo t;

Well, this will be more common than a rainy day in the next generation.

mcstorm2574d ago

I agree with you this gen has seen many developers close and not all the games have been bad just the sales were not there. In some ways xbox live and psn are killing some developers as i bet 50% of people dont buy as many games as they did last gen because online play makes the game last longer and most of them will just be updating the game to the new version every year like fifa or cod.
Look at some of the games last year split/second blur alan wake splinter cell transformers ect were all good games but people only want fps games this year by the looks of it. If next gen dose come soon nintendo sony and ms will have to work with 3rd party developers to help get the sales up. This is also part of the reason why we are seeing more and more developers doing making cross platform games as there is more money to be made from it than a console exclusive. There are only really a few console exclusive games worth haing in terms of numbers sales and they are mario pokemon halo gt. These games get the sort of numbers a cross platform game would get on all 3 consoles. Yes its good having exclusive games on a console but in the current market its not possible because of yhe cost of making a game and developers are also taking a chance by only having it on one console.

Jdoki2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

This gen has seen...

More competition
Higher dev costs
Consumer view that scores under an 9 are rubbish

= More devs going under

Only going to get worse when we hit the next gen.

Cajun Chicken2574d ago

Not fair, first Bizarre, now Black Rock. Well arcade racers are going to become hard to come by now.

paladinaz2574d ago

Because no one buys them. I assume Evolution (Motorstorm) developers will close down soon too, since last 2 MS games sold pretty bad.

LightofDarkness2574d ago

Arcade racers are becoming like FPS games, these days. Nobody wants anything that's not Need For Speed or Burnout, just like COD/Halo.

Jdoki2574d ago

Good point.

I love arcade racers, and thought Split/Second was a decent game with potential and really deserved a sequel.

The difference between Burnout and CoD is that Criterion has continued to innovate and change the formula with every game, but I do agree with you, most people with a passing interest in arcade racers are either gonna buy Burnout, or NFS.

The Meerkat2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )


It's Darwinism in action.

Paradicia2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

such a stupid analogy.

It's never nice seeing devs go under.

coolfool2574d ago

@ Meerkat

Your analogy would make sense if it were the case that bad games made developers go under and good games made developers survive.

But of course it isn't game quality which decides it, it's sales! And if you think only good games sell well and bad games don't then you're kidding yourself.

crematory2574d ago

all i can say i have very small game shop i put dirt3
for $40 with no buy:(

BeastlyRig2574d ago

seems like mostly console devs bit the dust to bad though..

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