If Heavenly Sword 2 Exists, It's Time To Tell Everyone

PSX Extreme - Ninja Theory didn't want to do it. They said the first game "didn't make enough money," which, at 1.5 million copies sold, is a tough pill to swallow. Supposedly, though, the sequel is in the works at an unknown studio.

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sinncross2579d ago

My hopes, Ready at Dawn are tackling the IP, with a slightly more stylised graphical style and some POP type platforming to break up combat for variety.

But definitely Ready at Dawn: I think they have proven themselves with the GoW titles on PSP.

nickjkl2579d ago

oh god i hope ninja theory isnt in charge of it

Quagmire2579d ago

Uhh...what? They made the the first game. If they really did suck at being developers, then we wouldnt be wanting a HS2 right now

nickjkl2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

and then they complained about sales for two years

then they released enslaved and it sold less than heavnly sword did and was on two systems and then they shut up

now they are doing devil my cry and totally change up the character

do you really want them to do heavenly sword 2

dangert122579d ago

Think I'm the only one who thought this games story was wack,
but it had a few good idea's and characters i like the weirdness of kai and how innovative they was with the six axis motions controller

Also you don't need to tell me the game was wrote by a professional writer that does not mean, he/she is better then anyone else just more recognized for there writing then some people.

There's only a small handful of games this gen with great story's and story telling, and IMO

Uncharted 2
Yakuza 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Mass Effect 1
InFamous 1
had great story's and Great story telling
MGS 4'S was so good when it came out of a cutscene i wished it never i never wanted to play just to keep watching. now thats quiet epic lol

MastaMold2579d ago

Yes I want Heavenly Sword 2 but to who is making it hope it's Sony Santa Monica

Soldierone2579d ago

Been hearing all kinds of great things about it and i love epic stories so I might finally check it out. I remember it was one of the first games with an extremely long load screen to start,but Im used to it now so that isn't that big of a turn off anymore.

Jdoki2579d ago

I think Heavenly Sword 1 is pretty under rated. The combat system had it's flaws but was pretty cool. The facial animation was good. Andy Sirkis' creative input really stood out above the usual poor production values we see in some games. Story was OK, but all the other elements helped elevate it.

I hope we see a sequel.

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