If Molyneux Is Bored, Maybe He Should Check Out Sony

PSX Extreme - It's definitely true that many of the most popular titles fall into the same category of gaming.

Developers and designers do notice, and that includes Microsoft European Studios boss Peter Molyneux, who is currently heading up work on Fable: The Journey, a game that is compatible with Kinect and actually isn't "on rails."

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dangert122452d ago

Lets not be childish and call this article flame bait...lets not limit the potential of mature convo.

having sold my xbox i would like to see what he could do on the sony side, i know he will not make the move any time soon, but he is defo one of the most creative out there maybe his last few games have not been up to par with what he has become a brand name dev for but SONY are aless interfering with dev teams and open to new Idea's unlike MS

firemassacre2452d ago

he should make a ps3 exclusive.

Miiikeyyy2452d ago

Why? It would probably be shite. I miss black and white

-Mezzo-2452d ago

@MYK1992 -- Are your "Kessler" or something. How do you know if it will be SH!T.

Miiikeyyy2451d ago

Because lately Peter has sucked at making games, but idk maybes a sony exclusive might turn out good

Hicken2452d ago

I don't mind even, say, Insomnia making an exclusive on the 360, as long as they don't leave the PS3 high and dry.

Likewise, I think it'd be good for Molyneux to check out Sony, but not necessarily leave MS altogether.

Jdoki2452d ago

I'd like to see Molyneux given the team, time and budget to make his games.

He does't seem to be getting that in his current role.

SpaceSquirrel2452d ago

I think he should focus on something other than Fable