SG - Best New IPs of This Generation

SG - Like everyone else on Twitter, I occasionally get sucked into a pointless and embarrassing tweet-battle. Most of the time, these could be easily avoided by just ignoring the original comment with which you disagree. Alas, it’s more likely I will be forced to express my contradictory opinion and spend the precious moments when my daughter’s taking a nap obsessing over a single tweet.

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Mac is OK2637d ago

Good list, I would add L.A. Noire and Demon Souls though. Bioshock was my favourite regardless.

dangert122636d ago

Bioshock (though number 2 was naf)
Dead Space
Little Big Planet
Gears Of War
Shadow Complex
Crackdown (though number 2 was naf)
Heavy Rain

-Mezzo-2636d ago

It is so cool, to see "Assassins Creed" on the list. =]