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As the first installment of the White Knight saga of 2010 caused a stir mainly due to its outdated graphics, the new "White Knight Chronicles II" wants to do everything better: improved graphics, a new dynamic fighting system, enhanced online multiplayer mode, andeven a revised version of the first part is included.

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rebirthofcaos2517d ago

Just Fu·$· sake release it now

FamilyGuy2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Foreign reviews -_-

What a headache to read.

I have a buddy that imported and is now playing on a EU psn account. You can't import your character but you can play online. WKCs2 makes Gr grinding up to Gr17 pretty easy so you could catch up pretty easy, biggest downsize would be the loss of all the items/rare drops, weapons and armor you collected in the first one.

I don't want to buy it twice so I'm just remaining patient.

NewMonday2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

for me its 8.5/10, boring character models are my only problem, game play is the same class as Dragon Quest.

edit: this is my review from a different post:

"I just got this game not expecting much after all the 5-6/10 scores, but I was blown away.

The 4 big pillars of RPGs, progression, exploration, combat and loot all get 9/10; it even has great MP with a great community. .

The maps are big well done different and are affected by climate and time of day, and with mission markers that stop you from getting lost like most JRPGs. Another great thing is that thier is no loading inside towns or maps; they are big connected sandbox areas, going inside shops and homes is like GTA.

Skill and specialization is very deep, no 2 characters will be the same and shouldn’t. Enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, having a big skill set to counter them is a must.

Loot is plenty and important, because it is used for crafting, and crafting is also great in this game and gives you the best gear.

The story is good for what it is, a heroic adventure, not philosophical plot like Xenogears or MegaTen games. It's more like DQ8 Zelda.

MP is great, you can make a town or visit others to go in quests and monster hunts, and despite being 50 levels above me, senior players still help me and babysit me on missions. "

rdgneoz32517d ago

Fail review is fail.

Hell, it complains about no real tutorials and a new player not being able to get into the game since the combat is a bit complex. I'm curious if they didn't notice the game comes with a remastered version of the first one and that it'd probably be a good idea to play it since it was free and explains the story and combat up to that point.
I could see not playing the first game in a series since you didn't want to spend the extra cash to get it, but the first one is free with the game and you'll learn how to do everything, as well as know what the hell is going on in the story.

Also, the first never made a "stir" because of bad graphics. I've seen worse graphics on other games. Many who enjoyed the first was because of its online part of the game, which had a lot more re-playability than the single player.

And seeing how short the "review" is, it's definitely a fail review.