Which Wii Game Did GameStop Refuse To Accept for a Trade-In?

Kotaku - We just sent our intern to GameStop to trade in a few games (we needed some other games for coverage... and a new PlayStation 3 power cable). GameStop accepted our copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Xbox 360), our copy of WWE All-Stars (Wii) and even our DS copy of Beastly: Frantic Foto (DS).

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killerhog2576d ago

I didnt read the article but I'm assuming ones that said "not for resale" which usually are what journalist get from developers. If kotaku send in review copies to trade-in

SilentNegotiator2576d ago

There's so much crapware that I wouldn't be surprised if half of all Wii games aren't on their computers.

banjadude2576d ago

WOW, lol. I have never seen/heard of such an issue like that (article says, the game wasn't in Gamestop's dateabase).

pepsilover_20072576d ago

Meh not surprised sometime i even wonder if nintendo knows there out