How Sports Lock Outs will hurt Video Games

The NFL has been in a lockout for quite some time now, and the NBA has recently entered this dreaded territory. What does this mean for their video games? Will we even see a new title, or will the lock outs force the games to be cancelled this year?

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Raptura2642d ago

Too bad. Some of these sports franchises need a break anyway.

killerhog2642d ago

It will hurt only sports games not video games in general besides it doesnt effect me I stopped buying sports games after nba2k2 for Dc and nfk2k5 for ps2

Agent_00_Revan2642d ago

Actually this would more likely help other video games that release around those times. A game that might have been brushed over in favor of a sports game could now thrive. I welcome the possible break.

JBit922641d ago

Actually, most people who play sports titles stick strictly to sports titles, at least from my experience. It's interesting that you rarely see a hardcore RPG fan that also loves sports games...

KozmoOchez2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

There is still demand for the games, so there won't be any cancellations, other than NBA Elite, which already announced it wasn't coming this year.

People want to play as their favorite players, lockout doesn't hurt that. Most people who buy sports titles don't buy them just to go along with the season. The only issue that Madden will have is that there will be a lot of free agents that will be good, but will not have a team - and that only affects those who play online, but still not enough to take the fun out of it.

I buy nba 2k every year and I don't even watch basketball until play offs, and even then I don't watch all of it