GameSpot - Backbreaker: Vengeance Review

GameSpot - Realistic animations and a satisfying two-player mode make Backbreaker: Vengeance fun for a while, but that quickly fades away.

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OhMyGandhi2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Jesus. I thought the first one was rather bad, though interesting concept and style...
It makes me wonder just how much feedback the developer REALLY takes into consideration before releasing the next game.

iceman062514d ago

Actually, the devs are very good at taking feedback...especially from the forums. So much so that some of the forum members and YouTubers were flown to the studios to help with the Grindhouse patch that was released for the first game. This is basically the result of the publishers not green lighting a full release product. They just gave us the console version of the Ipad/phone/touch app. I was really hoping for a full game...because as bad as it might have been...Backbreaker showed huge potential (especially the physics) for the future of football.