GameSpot - Is Cole Phelps a Psychopath?

GameSpot - Now it's our turn to interrogate the protagonist of L.A. Noire.

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tdogg060519912575d ago

-You never know what hes thinking
-He screams at people sporadically at one second and is fine the next
-He randomly goes and focuses on bank robberies instead of focusing on a case
-He sometimes has random twitches
He seems Bi-polar with a mild case of ADHD

Jenzoid2574d ago

He's an anti-semite aswell.

ThrazN72574d ago

************SPOILER'S ******

he cheats on his wife and he doesn't even care and keeps cheating.

femshep2574d ago

yes.......and a womanizer

personally i didn't like cole of the worst chars. ever

aaabbbccc43242574d ago

i thought he was alright, at least least he was quite a nice guy, and a goodie good two shoes, thats why i like him, but i prefer jack kelso because he's not an idiot

SageHonor2574d ago

Jack Kelso was way better than Cole Phelps