DC Universe Online Adopts Microtransition Support

StrengthGamer: "DC Universe Online, also known as DCUO, has created what they have called the "DCUO Marketplace"."

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AvidGamerrrr2337d ago

Oh boy, so I submitted this article, but definitely wrote the title wrong... idiot.

rdgneoz32337d ago

The site uses the exact same title, so no worries.

killerhog2337d ago

They need to merge ps3 and pc servers!! Also microtransitions could this mean it's going free-to-play soon??

Soldierone2337d ago

Are they planning to give a free trial version? Its downloadable off PSN at an inflated price and yet its the only game without a free trial, even with Plus.

I want to buy it, but im afraid I won't like it so id like to try it. Even if its on PC...