GamePro - Did Halo Ruin Online Multiplayer?

GamePro - Is Halo to blame for the overall immaturity of online gaming? Kat and McKinley debate whether Halo ruined online multiplayer for everyone who doesn't like teabagging.

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Paradicia2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

A classic for and against article. The Mckinley guy seems lost in the past with his main argument being over online slurs among other players and himself. Party chat has all but done away with this. You can join the in-game chat if you want, its not the games fault. As much as people hate on Halo here, it has paved way for online shooters on consoles - Theater, Custom games, Machinima etc the list goes on.

"And even without the profanity, Halo's reintroduced a few things in multiplayer that I absolutely hate -- like teabagging, team killing, and general idiocy"

Deal with it. It's in nearly every Popular FPS & TPS online shooter. I'd hate to see him rage over the taunts in Uncharted's MP.

"Pelvic Thrust!"

Hicken2601d ago

I'd say Call of Duty ruined online multiplayer.

Miiikeyyy2601d ago

Maybes little kids just shouldn't be playing these types of games anyway?

Paradicia2601d ago

It definitely has left an impact, but there's always room for innovation. Battlefield has never failed to disappoint. You can't help but play CoD though, it just bounces back and hooks gamers.

Hicken2601d ago

Oh, I can help it. And I do help it. Otherwise, I agree.

LOGICWINS2601d ago

I bought COD4 last week and I returned it two days later for Vanquish. It's not that hard to "unhook" yourself from it.


Here we go with the COD cry babies trolls...U are all sounding like a broken record...We know u dont like the game but u dont need to force it on other people as well.

Hicken2600d ago

Not forcing anything on anybody. Just stating an opinion. Based on the facts.

BlackKnight2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

The mass market approach of games these days making games have much lower learning curves for MP (post-COD4 COD games is a great example) and low cost of entry for online games (used to be a PC only thing where the majority were adults with jobs and respect, not all of course) allows for kids to hop online in growing numbers and generally are kids not being parented well and you end up with kids saying some pretty horrible stuff.

LOGICWINS2601d ago

Its not only kids that say some pretty horrible stuff. On the UC3 beta, this racist adult guy was saying some UNBELIEVABLE things to a Hispanic gamer who kept owning him.

It makes you wonder how many closet racists there are out there.

BlackKnight2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Well yea, I wasn't saying only mis-parented kids can be horrible. I am just giving my two cents as to the HORRIBLE rise in crappy gamers. I remember playing counter strike all the time and the MINORITY were assholes, most others just wanted a good, friendly game with friendly insults like "Hey rob, you totally got worked!" "Im gonna get you patrick!"

Now it's nigger this or rape your mom that or you are a faggot or jews need to die etc.....



From the article:

"...Halo's reintroduced a few things in multiplayer that I absolutely hate -- like teabagging, team killing, and general idiocy"

Pretty silly, plenty of games let you crouch so teabagging has been around a while, plenty of games have had friendly fire before as well and anyone can be an idiot in any game and ruin the fun.

Klaykid1232601d ago

I actually find Halo fun, sure it's generic, but it is still fun to go online with friends at your house. They were early on the bandwagon for emblem creation and regenerating health. Sure, some newfags made up teabagging, but what if, say on TF2 people started TeaBagging? Would TF2 ruin MP?

BlackKnight2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Man teabagging has been around for a while, people did it in counter strike and even games before, Halo just made it known to the masses and disrespectful would tabag while saying the most obscene shit in the world.

That's when teabagging went from "haha funny" to "what the hell are you teabagging for, it was me against 4 of you and you are telling me I suck and you fucked my mom".

Urmomlol2601d ago

Well this is certainly a shit article

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