Dial Other M for Murder: Is the Metroid Series Dead?

1UP: Despite its positive debut, some fans speculate Metroid: Other M has killed the long-running series. But why?

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Venox20082636d ago

I don't care what others thought about this game, it's awesome, despite too much drama..

mastiffchild2636d ago

Well, I totally don't share your opinion but will say that a lot of BS has been talked aboput Other M so far. Certainly, there's been a lot of misunderstanding and so on but for me the games should have been all the canon we needed and making Samus a more needy character just made all the other games seem less plausible and as a result I found the character she has in Other M a bit weedy and unconvincing. Also I didn't like the gameplay because of the ridiculous insistence on using just a Wiimote-awkward for awkward's own sake and adding it not through gameplay was a cheap shot-and then to add the pointer aiming? Seriously, that's a GOOD design choice for TN?

But,whatever, we're all Metroid fans and we won't ever see Dread or similar if we can't, at some level, just agree to differ over Other M and offer Nintendo a fanbase they imagine will buy into another game. You loved it and I ,really, didn't but I think it's more important that we all agree all the other games were amazing and try to convince Nity that we'd be more than up for another Metroid game should they make it.

A lot of teeth gnashing went on and I doubt it helped any-I realised pretty quick that it's unlikely someone is gonna be happy with EVERY game in a series just as I don't like EVERY good(considered to be good anyway)game out there to begin with. Best to forget what divided us all with Other M and go back to hoping for more unifying future releases.

Baka-akaB2636d ago

It's probably far from dead , but dont go expecting a new metroid every two years . It's not even popular much in japan

After all eons passed between super metroid and metroid prime

Alos882636d ago

I thought the Prime trilogy was excellent, but I hope Team Ninja never touches the series again.

krazykombatant2636d ago

highly doubt that this series is dead, you have to admire the risk nintendo took by giving samus a voice though. that is very huge for any nintendo game.

zinkabass2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I liked all of them,..

Other M is a pretty great game,..(Yes the missile use with wiimote was a bit quirky, but I actually did not mind it,..(except pixel-hunting story moments)
What bothered me a bit, was the story(and it was not horrible at all),.. and those resi4 walking slowly around moments,.. I know it is added to make it more suspenseful, but it did not ad much to the game,.. Otherwise the game is pretty damn tight and quite fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.