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GrindGadget: After a worrying start with session manager errors, I have been playing the Uncharted 3 beta relentlessly for the past two days, here are my impressions and opinions on the beta.

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bwazy2573d ago

Ugh.... Too.....Many..... Impression articles..... Ugh.

StanLee2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

To be quite honest, I think the beta has taken the wind out of Uncharted 3's sail a bit. People's expectations of betas are too high. They expect the same polish of a finished game which is just crazy. A beta's goal is to identify these issues now and fix them but gamers today are so spoiled they complain at the slightest thing.

thereapersson2573d ago

Totally agreed, StanLee. People are so spoiled and ignorant, as well as quick to judge. They miss the entire point of a beta, IMO. A beta is supposed to be a WORK-IN-PROGRESS, not the final product.

UltimateIdiot9112573d ago

Yeah, it's like they are expecting beta=demo. If everything in the beta was perfect, ND and Sony would have set the release date to a date in the next month not November.

Point is, beta is to iron out the bugs before it goes gold so they have to do less patching in the future.

Dazel2573d ago

Error initilizing session manager.

What a joke, at least Epic's GoW 3 beta worked from the start, all I got was one game in a hour and that was pretty lame. They should stick to the great sp.

SCW19822573d ago

It's a BETA give them a break. Have you tried it since the update? Give it a shot it is fantastic.

zootang2573d ago


Like Gears of War multiplayer never had a problem. You ever heard of the saying? "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"

Dazel2573d ago

No it wasn't perfect but I could at least play it from the off, that's not been possible with this beta.

Spitfire_Riggz2573d ago

I also wonder how many people were playing the gears beta since uncharted was jam packed from the very beginning, and its already perfect a day later.

bwazy2573d ago

Stop trolling. That error stopped over a day ago

Also who gives an ass about Gears 3? NO ONE This is a Sony friendly article

Dazel2573d ago

I tried to play and got the error on Thursday evening after the update.

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leahcim2573d ago

I am enjoying the beta too much it is so awesome