Ninja Gaiden 3 Put to the Test in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Playstation Blog: Fact: Everyone loves ninjas. They’re officially better than pirates, pizza and, uh…porcupines. We here at PTOM Towers aren’t immune to the considerable charm of the mighty ninja, which is why we have the ultimate stealth assassin, Ninja Gaiden 3’s Ryu Hayabusa, gracing the cover of our August issue.

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StanLee2641d ago

It's not. It looks goofy. Almost like a big gimmick. I thought Ninja Gaiden 2 looked goofy but this is some crap!

Blaze9292641d ago

anyone else disgusted by Ryo's arm? I seriously can't stand looking at that mess...

MasterCornholio2641d ago

I bet i could slice a lean steak from that arm. And then cook it medium rare with a tiny bit of red wine.

Hows that for gross? LOL

Ness-Psi2640d ago

you should see amanda redmonds arm then?

Andreas-Sword2640d ago

I hope there will be a lot of blood and gore!

zero_cool2640d ago

You will get your fill & then some!..Happy now?