Mass Effect 3: Not As Pretty As ME2 On PS3 [TheGameHeadz]

Charge your mass effect fields, tune your omnitool, it's time for another installment of Bioware's award winning RPG franchise. It's time to end the war with the Reapers, and now, it's personal. EA kept Mass Effect 3 carefully behind closed doors at E3, only letting a select few in to see the live code demonstration they'd prepared.

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BobbyMcCOOL2578d ago

I thought the same thing. Visuals didn't quite catch me. But overall the game was amazing

jeseth2578d ago

Title should have "Than" instead of "Then".

Poor grammar from an author = no read. Go back to class.

zinkabass2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Maybe he is not a native English speaker,...

Well, whatever works for you bro,... I am personally more interested in content.

@MyOtherHatIsUrMom(down): No it did not,.. hell I even had to screw around to get AA to work with it,.. Haven't played much of PS3 version,.. but you are talking out of your ass,..Except for reso and appropriate assets probably, but I am not even sure about that to be honest,.. It would more sense, they actually improved somethings,.. like lightning and shit,..Not exactly a looker bdw,.. At least it is prettier than Dragon Age,..

Army_of_Darkness2578d ago

Am i the only one that thinks mass effect 1-2 is still a boring 3rd person shooter!?!?

afterMoth2578d ago

ME2 is ugly on the PC, uglier on the PS3 and ugliest on the 360. People don't play it for the graphics or gameplay, both of which are subpar. People play Mass Effect 2 for the choose your own adventure style RPG. The soundtrack is great as well.

Pixel_Pusher2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

ME2 looked horrible on the PS3(don't know about the box ver) and what you're saying is that ME3 is going to look worst? ha ha! But you still want the same amount of money for a sub par version? I predict low sales for ME3 on the PS3.

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Projekt7tuning2578d ago

Come on, the games not even done yet. I hate when "gaming journalist" write crap like this. It's not fair to the developers. I guess it is just another slow news week...

Hitman07692578d ago

I guess its not a big deal if people enjoy the gameplay right?

Godmars2902578d ago

Depends on what gameplay is. Past any Gears of War clonage.

Army_of_Darkness2578d ago

Call me old fashion, but an rpg ain't an rpg without swords.

Denethor_II2578d ago

"Call me old fashion, but an rpg ain't an rpg without swords."

That's exactly what it is if your from the West. I don't mind these western rpg's, but it is very frustrating to see them take over from the more traditional genre.

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Christopher2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

If you're going to have a flamebait title, how about at least making sure you check to make sure it is grammatically correct?

Don't worry, though, I've fixed the title to match the same as the original article for ya.

***He’s a guy filled with some amazon Ideas***

Worked for Wonder Woman *sighs*

*** Speaking of cover to cover, a new helpful icon system indicates your movement action, be it hurdling the cover to charge your enemies, or diving to a better position. ***

Didn't find cover overly difficult to manage in the first two games. Guess adding in GeoW cover was inevitable as they put a lot of focus on heavily TPS focused gameplay.

***ME3 does away with that, adding dozens of new animations for Shepard. ***

Ask me which I would rather have, 24 or so new animations or more content and focus on the storytelling?

***For those who love their Halo and Call of Duty, the run and gun approach is still viable. Our Gears and Rainbow Six fans will find that cover can and will often save their life.***

Games I never wanted to see being compared to a game that started out as an RPG. Well, at least it should be a good TPS w/RPG elements. (yes, I am in a bit of a downer mood with people praising a game for moving so much towards being a TPS without any news other than weapon mods on how it will be a better RPG)

***Speaking of the Reapers, yes you fight them.***

One would hope so...

***Beyond that, their servants have increased quite a bit. Cerberus Agents now appear constantly, fighting to defend the Reapers and sabotage Shepard's attempts to unite the galaxy. Why the change of heart in the Illusive Man? There seems to be evidence that at least large parts of Ceberus have been Indoctrinated.***

This is something BioWare should have kept mum. Talk about a major change from the second game.

JellyJelly2578d ago

It's too late now but if you click the cogs in the story picture you can select 'report' and then 'bad spelling' to tell the author what is wrong.

Imo it's not only the spelling :/

SageHonor2578d ago

Yep Cerberus is definately indoctrinated. That is confirmed. Also, do you voice your complaints on the forums because you've done alot of Mass Effect 3 bashing.

I think alot of stuff will reveal itself overtime. Especially content and the storytelling part.

Christopher2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I'm not sure what I've said is "bashing". It's not like I'm just saying "ME3 sucks" but I'm expressing my disappointment, fairly constructively, at how far they are going to focus on how much more of a TPS ME3 will be over what RPG elements they are working on improving/implementing.

Sure, a lot of stuff could be revealed over time, but they could at least say something now about the items being requested rather than just holding on to them until a month prior to release. Their responses to many of the questions regarding RPG elements have side stepped the actual questions and/or have been very general and not indicative of a change closer to what many experienced with ME1.

As I said in your Blog, the best news is their plans to delay it. That's the best sign I've seen for potential RPG improvements.

And, yes, I express my points directly to BioWare.

TheOtherTheoG2578d ago

Regarding RPG elements, watch the 15 minute live demo on Gamespot from E3, it shows... well, RPG elements. At the moment, it's kind of a half-way house between ME1 and ME2, it's not that uber expansive, nor is it nearly as streamlined as ME2.

Christopher2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

So, just watched it. It's pretty much the exact same Salarian home world demo I've seen at a few other places.

As far as RPG elements mentioned?

~2m he mentions "RPG elements and story stuff" but nothing specific. That's pretty much all he said.

@4m they show the weapon mod system, which is the one notable RPG element I've mentioned as being known for ME3.

@4m20s they show some character screens, but it's the same trees, expanded. Nothing on whether these skills are RPG focused considering all combat is player skill focused and not character skill focused except for some minor ones (such as AR spread reduction). Not a sign of RPG since these will likely focus on improving player skill-driven abilities and not ones controlled by die rolls or similar statistical variables common in RPGs.

@7m45s they show a few of the environments you will visit. It definitely is different from ME1 and ME2 in many respects, but they've also discussed that "exploration" is still about "hubs" but that there will be multiple "hubs" on some planets. Nothing on whether the exploration that you had in ME1 will be implemented and improved upon, nor if each area won't be as linear as it was in ME2.

@11:10 they mention the usual Renegade/Paragon options. Same as ME2. The only element of the game that saw an improvement from ME1 that relates to RPG IMHO.

That's pretty much it... the rest was generalized jargon focused on the usual "ME3 is a story focused on combating the Reavers" with gameplay shown of... shooting.


I've had this conversation with SageHonor on his blog, but let me reiterate what I've said before.

ME2 does have RPG elements and ME3 will have them as well. But it is by far a very stripped down version of what was in ME1. Including:

- Reduced focus on exploration

- Reduced focus on character-derived skill (now completely reliant on player-derived skill). This includes the removal of die rolls on the back end. Your damage is based on where you aim to hit and not based on a variable rate like most RPG-first games.

- Removal of mob-drop loot

- Removal of world exploration

- Removal of complete party customization

- Removal of armor & weapon mods. We are seeing weapon mods come back, and the same armor mods will be available for Shepard. But, we have no proof that these mods will carry over to NPCs and not just Shepard.

- Removal of XP by individual action and instead they've moved it to a "bucket" approach that encourages you to do the least amount possible rather than work to do more.

As I also said in SageHonor's blog, ME2 is a great RPG TPS action game, but ME1 was a great RPG. ME3 will likely be another great RPG TPS action game.


It's obvious by the disagrees here, though, that I am definitely in the minority of those who would rather have a traditional RPG game rather than see it turn into yet another "shooter" focused game with RPG elements. Luckily, there are still some RPGs coming out for me to enjoy, it's just hard to see BioWare leave what they've built a career upon behind in a fashion this generation (DA2, ME2, possibly ME3).

Though, the previews for SWtOR have cited that it looks like a lot of the RPG elements people have missed from their latest games are available in spades in the MMO.

bwazy2578d ago

As long as the games fun I dont care.

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