Fable: The Journey: A Journey To Making You Want Kinect

The Corruption is coming. Fable 3 was not the end of the darkness that threatened Albion, nor was it the last we saw of the event-manipulating Theresa. Here comes maybe the first reason for a person to get a Kinect. You know, if you don't like dance games.

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bwazy2644d ago

Spend 150 bucks for ONE game? No thank you, Ive done something similar in the past and I shall NEVER EVER do it again.

vgcgames2644d ago

it's a hard pill to swallow when its not as revolutionary as you'd hoped

mcstorm2644d ago

I thought the demo at e3 was poor for this game but i can see what they are trying to do with it. Still quite abit before this game is out so they can make the control system better and maybe abit more freedom. But one thing i can see from this game is games like black and white will work very well with just using kinect. I would love to see a game like black and white halo wars command and con ect use kinect as you could take advantage of finger tracking and voice. This game to me anyway will not be as good as the first 3 games but it will also be abit of a much needed change to the fable name as people were starting to ask them to do somthing different and even though its the fable name it is different.

I think what we saw at e3 was just the beginning of the core kinect games and over the next 12 months developers will have had enough time with the device and look at what other developers have done with it and it will start to be a part of the game rather than a add on.

Redgehammer2644d ago

When i read the preview from Joystiq, the previewer stated that controls were more nuanced than flailing "The system looked surprisingly reactive, and what initially seemed like flailing revealed itself to be a little more nuanced." What Lionhead is trying to accomplish, sounds interesting, and full of possibilities to me. Having only played about 3 hours of Fable 2, I am not really one to speak about its merits, but I am definitely intrigued by The Journey's, dare I say, "promise"

from the beach2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Already got it for the very exciting stuff coming out of Japan, but I'll definitely have a look at the new Fable as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.