Is Exclusivity On The Way Out?

MMGN writes: "As a platform holder, the job is to ensure the platform has a strong market presence, achieved through product association and an ability to offer an anomalous experience through that illusive and original exclusive."

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stonecold32601d ago

nope because sony has uncharted 3 and rfom 3 twisted metal ffvs 13 tlg so nope and sony owns there 1st 2nd party studios which will never go multi plat as for ffvs 13 well its still ps3 exclusive.

remanutd552601d ago

Sony and Nintendo are very much covered for whatever is left of this and the next generation of consoles and portable gaming machines so no i dont think so , exclusive games still matters to me this and probably next generation and im pretty sure im not the only one who thinks that way , anyways i want to see new IPs thats for sure

steve30x2600d ago

I hope so. I am fedup of al the bickering of what platform is best because of a certain game is exclusive to that platform.