Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japan Expo Trailer With New Soundtrack

Check out the new trailer from Japan Expo with new music.

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-Gespenst-2639d ago

Damn, sounds like it's gonna have another stellar score anyways. Can't wait!

Capt-FuzzyPants2639d ago

Yea anything with hardcore electric violin solos are awesome. It sounded like it had a guitar too but I couldnt tell

pinkyxyz2639d ago

That was absolutely Stunning!!!! Now im excited for the game

dafada2639d ago

i loved 13 :) cant wait for this!

Deadman_Senji2639d ago

@ whoever reported Troll's comment

Hey I say fuck too, you gonna hide my comment for bad language, even though it's positive?

This game actually looks pretty fucking cool you know? Not as cool as Versus XIII but whatever.

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