Uncharted 3: Secret Stash Of Beta Codes Available To Everyone

So, you want to get into the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta but your 30 day trial of PlayStation Plus has ended, or is ending soon. Maybe you didn’t purchase Infamous soon enough to get the free beta code that came with the preorder.

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LtSkittles2519d ago

I have an extra code too. :D

vgcgames2519d ago

nice good thing to hold on too when ps plus expires.

zeeshan2519d ago

I would LOVE to play the beta! If anyone has an extra code, could you please PM me?

vgcgames2519d ago

yes to free codes need to catch one for myself.

rbluetank2519d ago

i got a extra one from InFamouse2. i am a plus member and i do not need UC3 code. pm me and it is yours!

rbluetank2519d ago

i just gave it to bobbymccool. he was first. i do not have another code sorry. tc

Ezio20482519d ago

sum1 plz gimme d code 2 download d beta....plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Jezuz2519d ago

If you have better grammar.

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