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CheatCC says - The new Tomb Raider is on the top of many a gamer's "Best Game of E3" lists. This time, Lara doesn't flaunt the sex appeal like in previous adventures; instead, we see a darker, more brutal, unsure side of miss Croft that we really haven't seen before. Heck, the very first thing she does in the game is burns off a strait jacket, falls two stories after being hung upside-down from her ankles, and gets impaled on a metal spike. She then rips it out of her body with her bare hands before continuing to escape the horrible catacombs she has been imprisoned in. And it only gets more awesome from there.

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TheBossMan2643d ago

Keep 'dem ass 'n titties on point and we got ourselves a deal, Crystal Dynamics.

Nah, I'm just playing. I hope the graphics, sound, story, and most of all GAMEPLAY take the series back to the level of acclaim it once possessed.

But for real, don't touch 'dem ass and titties.

ViserysTargaryen2643d ago

Why is she so dirty all the time when there's water everywhere? I think Crystal Dynamics is letting a glamorous slow motion bathing scene pass by here.