Gamasutra- News- High Voltage Producer: Demo Development Hurt Conduit 2

As part of Gamasutra's latest feature, a postmortem of High Voltage Software's Wii FPS Conduit 2, the game's senior producer, Kevin Sheller, writes that meeting demo requirements lead to crunch time.

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lizard812882431d ago

a Demo is a way for promoting a game, i don't see why they are complaining. most demos are just X level. i could be naive about this issue, but can't they just copy/paste code, and then cut bits of it off?

I know, i try to find and play demos, although being a nintendo only owner, demos are extremely rare, which is a pain. so i demo the full game, before i go out and buy it. i can usually tell if i will like the game, within the 1st half hour

ChickeyCantor2431d ago

Whatever HVS, i wanna see Abe shooting in HD. Make it work.