Four Great Games with Great Stories: We Want More like these!

Most games give us a functional “story;” more of a framework to help explain game mechanics, concepts and objectives rather than something to be remembered. Monomyth ad nauseum.

Which is why the few games with great stories stand out so much.

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naruto2222577d ago

I liked Heavenly Sword. It was heavenly!

dc12576d ago

Heavenly Sword is Heavenly!... and so is Hinata ( had to throw that in there with your naruto pic ☺ )

By the way Blood Omen was EPIC! Looking forward to playing Wing Commander..I'm sad to say that I have been gameing for over 30 years and have not played it.

Laxman2162577d ago

Another Blood Omen game would be great!

Laxman2162577d ago

Ive never heard of Wing Commander?

Is it some kind of Star Wars rip off? Cause that looks alot like Chewy!

Pintheshadows2576d ago

You've never heard of Wing Commander? I'm surprised but you have the opportunity to continue your ignorance and fill your brain with things that are worth while. Wing Commander isn't one of those things.

Xof2577d ago

I can't speak for Wing Commander.

And I would have trolled HARD if Kain hadn't been on the list.

Have to disagree with The Witcher, though. It's a great game, but it really shines with the sidequests. The main storyline, while well-executed, is pretty standard fare.

And for some other games with great narratives:

Suikoden II
Suikoden V
Yakuza 2
Valkyria Chronicles
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest VI

Plenty of games have had great narratives... well, fewer and fewer with each passing year, it seems.

Laxman2162577d ago

Thats all very...asian. In my experience, Jap games dont have very good stories or narratives at all.

Hicken2576d ago

Neither Nier nor Valkyria Chronicles is... Asian. And the story in both of these is exceedingly amazing.

limewax2576d ago

MGS - Asian.....great story and narrative. I could list a lot more but it would take forever and MGS is more to a wider audiences taste

KingofGambling2576d ago

ohh hell yeah for mentioning Suikoden II
it's by far one of my favorite rpg game of all time.
I do hope Suikoden VI would be developing for PS3.

bangoskank2576d ago

Luca Blight's firefly scene is one of the greatest
in game history.

coryok2576d ago

some of my favorites!

Haseo1062576d ago

.hack//G.U. has a touching story too.

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