NBA 2K12 My Player Mode Improvements Gameplay

Though NBA 2K11 did show some improvement in game play it still kinda sucked when you played for a while especially my player mode. Heres how they can fix it.

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bunfighterii2602d ago

Well with the NBA facing a lockout season, My Player will need to get more attention.

I'd like to see the ability to import saves, so I can continue my progress from 2K11.

saoco2602d ago

damn you're on to something there. i like that.

curtis_boy2602d ago

They must revamp first and why is your my player not 99 like everyone else who had the game since october 2010

HeavenlySnipes2602d ago

difficulty in My PLayer. The players should play based on their ratings and player DNA. Are you trying to tell me that just because I play on Hall of Fame, Tony Parker can hit post up fadeaways on centers? That Shaq can shoot it now? That stuff is BS. Also, fix the AI on the player team. They must also act like their real life counterpart. Kevin Durant doesn't shoot 12 threes a game like 2K made him in 2k11.

Spitfire_Riggz2602d ago

Lol he did when they lost in the playoffs

curtis_boy2602d ago

Hall of fame on my player is ridiculous