Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Gameplay Videos

Four new Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi gameplay videos from Japan Expo 2011 in Paris have been released. They feature menus, the character selection screen, and 1-on-1 battles.

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tayz1764d ago

I'm a little tired of DBZ, but would still love to play this!

Optical_Matrix1764d ago

This actually looks shit hot man! O.o

Peaceful_Jelly1764d ago

I was like, "meh this looks just like all the others" but then I saw the epic kame-hame-ha and now I'm sold!

tayz1764d ago

It looks like Burst Limit with Tenkaichi fighting. But yeah that Kamehameha was epic! The destruction!

just_sayin1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

That was impressive going to get this looks bada$$

Ser1764d ago

Burst Limit bored me, but this looks friggin' awesome.

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