[GAMINGtruth] Total Miner: Forge Xbox Indie Review

From Independent XNA development team Greenstone Games comes the sandbox block-builder Total Miner: Forge. This newly released title has been met with critical acclaim and has climbed to the Most Downloaded list and has been rated over 2000 times.

Utilizing classic voxel-style graphics made famous by the popular PC Indie Minecraft and other signature RPG elements, Total Miner: Forge provides for hours of enjoyable gameplay.

Explore, craft, fight, or build in the interactive open-world environment--the choice is yours!

Total Miner: Forge is available on the Xbox Indies Marketplace for 240 MSP ($3).

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bozebo2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Wow, a direct ripoff. They could have at least improved some things while they were at it. If they've stollen the code logic (by reverse engineering the Java) then that is illegal, if they have made everything from scratch then yay. I'm not sure if the official Minecraft will force Kinect use, but I doubt it :P