Under Siege Review (NoobFeed)

Under Siege is a real-time strategy game exclusive to the PlayStation Network. Produced by Portuguese developer Seed Studios, Under Siege is a kind of strategy title in which the tactical organization and objectives are more important than resource management and constructing troops. As usual, you can find different factions, each with their strengths and weaknesses, and each one can be improved through a series of upgrades available with your constant success on the battlefield

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

This game is soo hard. I bought this game when the psn came back up cause it was a good deal $10 but... I cant even beat the 5th misson lol. Even on easy mode

rdgneoz32579d ago

It is a good game, and hard. You have to use strategy to beat even the simplest of groups, or you'll end up losing a few guys. Also, make sure to upgrade your guys so you can make use of their secondary abilities.

@xX-StolenSoul-Xx I forget which is the 5th (on the desert area atm on normal), but if you have 5 slots for guys to pick in the mission, use 2 tanks, 2 archers, and the mortar guy. Have the archers positioned behind the tanks in groups, so the archers can heal and the tanks can taunt off enemies easily. Have the mortar guy lure the enemies in with his ranged ability and pound them as they walk to you. Just make sure he doesn't bomb your group. And just make sure the tanks are in defensive stance and taunt whenever mobs are loose and the archers heal the tanks up before they die. (If 4 slots, 2 tanks, 2 archers and have the 1 archer group range pull the enemies to you)

TheDivine2579d ago

Yea it is super hard i could never rescue the gunner without loosing half my troops and then the 1st boss was the most frustrting boss ive fought. I only beat him cause he got stuck on a tree lol. It gets easier though if you keep at it, always have 2 archers to heal each other and troops, take your time and pick off enimies one at a time w archers, let waves come to you so you dont get overwhemled. They are patching casual difficulty soon doubling the gold, making it easier, and a few other balancing issues so it will be better. Its a dam* good game though, i really got into after i finally beat the swamp level i was stuck on. It gets good once you get new troops. Everyone should support a great psn developer by buying this, theyre really cool people. Plus it has a level editor with the ability to creat whole campaigns with cutscenes!

gluv652579d ago

Yep hard game, I stopped playing it, until the patch they're working on is released.

Soldierone2579d ago

Was honestly going to buy it until they bumped the price up to friggin 20 dollars....

Seriously would buy a lot more stuff off the digital store if it wasn't for the inflated prices....

kza2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Love this game but im stuck on the swamp boss "trying to kill it and being attacked from all angles its a hard game but thats how RTS are suppose to be". Onlines fun aswell, out smarting people never gets old!