Insomniac Games Comments on Concerns of Resistance 3 Beta Launch

Insomniac and Sony teamed up to offer early adopters of Sony and Zipper’s SOCOM 4 a chance to explore the multiplayer component of Resistance 3 early and be the first play the anticipated PS3 first-person shooter. Due to the PSN crash that plagued most of later weeks of April and the majority of May, issues arose concerning the state of the beta. Insomniac Games has shared some new information concerning the beta.

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versusALL2603d ago

ah that sucks, ah well, still going to buy this game day 1 no matter what. Can't wait, looks fantastic!

2fk2603d ago

im waiting to get in the beta my beta code is getting dusty =/

MidnytRain2603d ago

Keep it inside your game case. ;)

Eyeco2603d ago

Oh no I'm more worried on the fact that zipper are contributing to the multiplayer that developer sucks gorilla balls Sony should shut them down completley after the mediocre pieces of crap that is MAG and Socom 4, I would have appreciated ND's help alot more, oh well I'm certain the campaign will be excellent

MintBerryCrunch2603d ago

you forget that they still developed the socom games on the ps2 which ended up being some of the most successful games on that system

some credit where credit is due, i agree that what they have developed this gen has been underwhelming, but there is always room for improvement

Eyeco2603d ago

Socom 2 was the last good game they ever done and that was like what 10 years ago? No use beating a dead horse their like Rare they should just die already

Soldierone2603d ago

Wow....If I ever wanted to punch a hacker in the face I have never wanted to punch as hard as I do now....the one thing I was anticipating and it got shut down.

Its the one game Im anticipating all year. Uncharted 3 will be fantastic, but its resistance that ill be playing still mid next year.

DigitalRaptor2603d ago

It's surely gonna affect the general state of the final game's multiplayer, and it's not even Insomniac's fault. I hope they perform a miracle on this one, because I'm really looking forward to Resistance 3.

And people wonder why we hate hackers. This is the reason.