New Kinect game spotted: The Penguins of Madagascar

From the article at We've just spotted a new Kinect game called The Penguins of Madagascar on Xbox360Achievements. There are no details about the game, but what we do know is that it's being developed and published by THQ, it's rated for everybody and it required Kinect. Yes, it requires Kinect!

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bredstick652637d ago

OHHHHHHH! I can't wait to play this??? My bank account is really going to take a hit next year between Disney, Sesame, and now Penguins!

Hopefully they do not come out with a muppets game or something really amazing like a Dora the explorer game.

Thank you Microsoft!!! Thank you for releasing so many great games for the people who allowed you to even compete in the gaming industry!

Cant wait for the next generation to show you how much I appreciate you. I am sure we will be lining up for your next system The Wii box 720.