Same Game, Different Decade: Why do We Keep Buying Nintendo Re-Releases?

Bright Hub writes: "So, I’m sitting in my room playing a little Ocarina of Time 3D when I’m struck with a disturbing revelation:
I literally own four copies of this game, and could, for a few Nintendo Points, conceivably purchase a fifth separate version.

How has Nintendo done this to us? How have we allowed them to continually repackage the same game over and over, marketing it to us in a slightly different way?"

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Pikajew2607d ago

Nintendo makes them a completely new experience.

Warprincess1162607d ago

Wow do you really believe that.

BakedGoods2607d ago

Ever slept with an ex-girlfriend before? Yeah, that kind of new experience.

killerhog2607d ago

do you really believe youre a girl??

JsonHenry2607d ago

"we"? Speak for yourself! I'm done with re-hashed games. I don't purchase them at all.

DarkBlood2607d ago

then you were never done with them in the first place since u never purchased one so u say lol

Hisiru2607d ago

Why do We Keep Buying Sony Re-Releases? Why will people buy Halo remake?

Answer: It's called love. Ocarina of time deserves the sales just like the Ico collection and Halo remake will deserve the sales. If it's good, why not release it for new audience?

badz1492607d ago

OoT has been re-released 4-5 times with minor changes! and you're comparing them to PS2 HD remakes and Halo remakes already? being defensive much? c'mon, they are not even close dude! come back when HD remakes and Halo remakes are released for the 4th time!

Hisiru2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Now OoT finally has:
-improved graphics
-improved framerate
-3D effect
-gyro gameplay
-touch screen for easy item selection etc
-improved soundtrack (more quality)
etc etc etc

Minor changes, huh? I don't think so. God of War collection has (basically) the same graphics and trophies, nothing more exciting than that.

Here you have a comparison:

I am not saying that OoT 3D is more important than God of War Collection or any PS2/xbox HD remake. I am just saying that it's the same situation. God of War is an incredible game and it needs to be released for new audience just like Zelda.

I am not being defensive, it's just common sense. Zelda was called the "best game ever made" by various websites,magazines etc, so it's understandable to see it being released for the 666 time, just like a new god of war collection will probably be released for a future Playstation console. It's a game that time simply cannot erase.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2607d ago

Actually badz149, you seem like the defensive one here. Just sayin' bro.

pepsilover_20072607d ago

i would say completely new they just take the little thing they could add on and just make the game better, thats all zelda needed, but now i want smb 64 remade with a better camera system :)

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Muckbeast2607d ago

*shakes fist at Nintendo*

How do they get us over and over again! :P

coryok2607d ago

not many people did buy this rerelease


pepsilover_20072607d ago

Most of nintendo's games have everlasting gameplay, so why not release them for another generation of people to play, besides people ask for them to be remade, isnt that why the ps3 get ps2 and psp releases also

silvacrest2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

nintendo have been doing it for far FAR longer

pokemon is a great example

pepsilover_20072607d ago

ill agree on pokemon, but when they need to they did change it up enough with black and white, but the rest of the main sieres have changed plenty during the years

bwazy2607d ago

Because we get to play those great games on our current generation consoles when we might not have the old technology to do so. I mean sure we could just use on emulator on our PC's... but that.. would.. be..... hmmm.

Timmer2607d ago

A. Illegal unless you already own the game, in which you don't need an emulator.


B. Idiotic because I'd hate to try and play OoT on a straight keyboard. NES/SNES games yes, they're simple to have the keyboard work with them. Not so much for N64 games, unless you can actually use the mouse, which I don't think any emulator can.

bwazy2607d ago

A. Illegal? Yes maybe. Do 99.999999% of the people care? No


B. KEYMAPPING SON! Also I can bluetooth my PS3 controller to my PC and remap said keys.


ChickeyCantor2606d ago

"B. Idiotic because I'd hate to try and play OoT on a straight keyboard. "


No wonder people are so ignorant about pc gaming XD


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