Final Fantasy XIII-2 Footage From The Japan Expo

New offscreen footage of Final Fantasy XIII-2 shown at the Japan Expo today.

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Prcko2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

last good ff game was Final Fantasy X
all this new ff games are just: ''oh let's make new ff,we know that people gonna buy it,just put something in game,few chars,some story,and let's make some money''


uehc2641d ago

last good ff story was ffx.

HeavenlySnipes2641d ago

The last good one was 12. It has the same meta as ff7 and ff6 and also won numerous awards.

Hicken2641d ago

And what does "meta" have to do with anything?

HeavenlySnipes2640d ago

that the game was just as well received as the 'best' FF games. Just because a vocal minority didn't like it doesn't mean it wasn't a overwhelming success. I hate that BS people spread trying to pretend FF12 was horrible, when all the evidence points otherwise.

Optical_Matrix2641d ago

As usual, all I see is whining from people. Looks great imo. Can't wait personally.

Godmars2902641d ago

And as one of those whiners I just hope Square doesn't take your blind enthusiasm to heart and continue to do what they've been doing - create growing disappointment.

Optical_Matrix2641d ago

What blind enthusiasm? Give it a rest Godmars. So what I'm looking forward to the game. Because you hated the game doesn't mean others did. Sure it wasn't the best FF game but for me, personally, it was a legit RPG. I enjoyed it all the while considering its faults. SE have made some nice changes it seems so I'm looking forward to seeing the final product? Problem? Because if you can't deal with my opinion without resulting to snidy insults you can go and do one mate. My enthusiasm may be blind, but if thats the case it's no blinder than your hatred. Good day sir.

versusALL2641d ago

Totally agree with Optical_Matrix, Final Fantasy XIII was one of my favorite games this gen, and I can't wait for the XIII-2, it looks amazing. I hate the people who whine about this game or saying "Where's Versus XIII". If you don't like the game, don't comment on a XIII story and as for Versus XIII, it'll get here when it gets here(guess I'm just patient)

Capt-FuzzyPants2641d ago

Yea so far this is my one of favorite my favorite gamees this gen too. Shooters are usually mindless and boring so in terms of this gen the game was great.

Troll-without-Bridge2641d ago

Cant wait for this. Come on December.

Peaceful_Jelly2641d ago

the future of the FF franchise is on the line! If this game sells another 6 millions then expect utter garbage from now on.

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