Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of E3 2011

GameSector writes: We’ve played them, we’ve seen them, and we’ve not been impressed. Let’s take a look at some of the most disappointing games on show at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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WhiteLightning2579d ago

Kind of liking this list, don't about God of War but the others I can agree with

Especially FF13-2, Resident evil ORC and MW3

joab7772579d ago

Im not entirely sold yet on ffxiii-2 as I still hold out hope that they heard us. Ive read many previews and this is the first that mentions the continued linearity. Also, if the graphics are still identical, they wouldnt b outdated. Nonetheless, I will remain skeptical and wont buy day 1. Otherwise, I agree, but my hopes are piqued for dead island also.

Pixel_Pusher2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

"Microsoft has been saying forever that the Kinect is for the core audience just as much as it is for the casual audience. Oh how wrong Microsoft was."

It's a shame they didn't create a version for Move. It would have been better suited for that then Kinect. Ah well.

And the number one spot goes to

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!

Antiquated graphics and horrible lag, who can resist that!?

malamdra2578d ago

silent hill should be on that list, instead of Dead island

thugbob2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

FF13-2 is not looking good at all. Even if the game isn't linear it won't help much with the battle system and tacked on quick time events.

I personally liked FF12, but a lot of people don't and that game wasn't linear. So the same will happen with FF13-2.

There was two things that I hated about FF-13 the most. And those two things needed to be change/removed in order for me to want to buy FF13-2. The the two things I hated were the battle system and the linearity.

The battle system seems to be the same crap that was in FF13 with a little changes to it. Enemies seem to come out of no where and then you have the chance to do a preemptive strike and then you go on to the battle screen. I hate this with a passion. Square-Enix should have just either leave it random encounter like the traditional FF games or make it real time battles like Kingdom Hearts or the way FFvs13 seems to look like. I prefer real time battles.

It looks like FF13-2 is made for those that like FF13. It appeats that those that hated FF13 and are looking for redemption from Square-Enix it isn't going to happen sadly.

On the flip side FFvs13 is looking like it'll be solid though.

BubbleSniper2578d ago

this is tough... but MW2 was so bad, I'd put it in the 2011 most disappointing game list anyway!

TXIDarkAvenger2579d ago

I know this article is their opinion but I have to disagree about Dead Island and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

synchroscheme2579d ago

MW3 has a sort of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality going on behind it, and certainly makes it easy to make a new title every year. However, if they took their time to work on their projects seriously, instead of trying to milk the living hell out of it, they wouldn't be falling behind so much. I don't think anyone was surprised by MW3's showing at E3. Everyone knows exactly what to expect from it, and with the momentum that Battlefield 3 is building, it may be the year that CoD is finally dethroned.

Ser2579d ago

Are we talking score-wise or sales-wise? Because I'm pretty sure that MW3 will dominate in the sales department...again.

BF3 could be 10x better and people would still buy MW3 based solely on the franchise name. It's quite sad but very true.

nightmarex1212578d ago

But it also can do an avatar, even though avatar didn't sell a lot compare to like priates on their first weekend it can sell much a better rate over time.

Hicken2579d ago

The only thing I care about here is XIII-2 (Dead Islad: maybe, but I'm so burned out on zombies). And I'm wondering where they saw it was still linear in what? A 15 minute demo? Yep, more than enough time to decide.

rdgneoz32579d ago

If they got the linearity part from the demo, then it's probably in the same boat as fable. Like fable showing only on rails stuff and then after saying it's not all on rails, they probably should have showed more areas where you can explore instead a linear demo.

Sure it may not completely represent the finished game, but if you're trying to show off your game saying you learned from the mistakes you made with XIII, why show more linear crap?

Hicken2579d ago

Here's what I need to know: What was linear? They show you some storyline-related gameplay and that's enough to convince you it's linear?

2578d ago
kookie2579d ago

The game are not even out

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