‘Minecraft 1.7′ Update Guide

Game Rant's John Jacques writes: "It’s been just over a month since the last Minecraft update, an understandable amount of time given how busy Mojang has been with the announcement of Minecraft coming to Xbox 360 with Kinect support and Minecraft coming to the Xperia Play. Despite the busy times in their studio, Mojang have now released the 1.7 update, which fans have frequently thought of as the ‘Adventure Update,’ though it is now clear that the adventure update will be the 1.8 edition as opposed to the one available for download now."

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Blackdeath_6632519d ago

there really hasnt been anything so far to make me go back to minecraft. im hopeing for a game changing update like a new mode or the adventure thing everyone's talkin about otherwise i dont see much left in it.

Raptura2519d ago

Open up and free your mind, mannnnnn!

tdrules2519d ago

the things that make me go back to Minecraft isn't what they add but the innovations that people consistently make with such limited tools.
On a server I go on we created a massive underground city with houses for everyone, a working metro system, and other things