Transformers: DOTM Stealth Edition Review |

Carl B. of writes, "Transformers has seen a rise in popularity ever since the live action motion picture released in 2007, spawning two sequels and several video game adaptations. Last year's Transformers: War for Cybertron was met with relative critical acclaim for creating a unique experience from the well-known brand. Activision has come back in 2011 with new games based on the upcoming movie, Dark of the Moon, but do they expand on the ideas presented in War for Cybertron, or are they merely movie game cash-ins?"

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AronDeppert2574d ago

Glad I didn't subject myself to this game.

Sidology2574d ago

The Wii: Get shafted by third-party developers since 2006.

Though this is an exception since all incarnations of this game are weak.