BF3 Beta Delivered Via Origin, Says EA Support

A member of our forums, Fliptaku, decided enough was enough, and headed straight for the hottest source of beta news – EA’s live customer support chat. It seems EA may have begun prepping their support system with new information ahead of a PR announcement. According to the likely-outsourced and possibly-misinformed representative, the beta will be delivered across EA’s Origin service to accounts with a registered MOH LE key, as many people have suspected or assumed, and access will be granted via an emailed product key. Unfortunately, he failed to say anything in specific terms about how LE owners will have their purchase validated, if the beta is indeed an open one.

Chatlogs follow, for those interested in such drab things as “evidence”.

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Shackdaddy8362458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

God dammit EA...

evrfighter2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Beta on Origin? fine, whatever I'll take it. It won't hurt to check out if they're serious or just planning the classic EA bait and switch

Though If it's not on steam then no buy. I'll go used console route and pickup mw3 for steam if they start with the bs

M4I0N32457d ago

awh man :/, wanted to steam it :(

a_bro2458d ago

shoving it down our Throats EA? you guys dont change...

Motorola2458d ago

Your kidding right? Ugh.

Tripl3seis2458d ago

are you serious? this is stupid

Ser2457d ago

Maybe keeping Medal of Honor was a good idea after all. Nothing against the game, but I paid $59.99 for the BF3 beta.

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