Fans Turn on Bungie Over Bags

To raise money for charity and celebrate their 20th anniversary, Bungie has added a Bag o' Swag to their Bungie store. With a number limited to 777, fans became outraged that they could not buy a mystery bag.

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tdogchristy902517d ago

Wait so they are upset because they didn't get a bag? There was a limited run and once they ran out, they ran out. Are people just being selfish and feeling entitled?

deadpoole2517d ago

I deserve every single effing goodies release by Bungie more then anyone else, its my birth right. I've bought their game, they owe me big time. /s


This is the life we live in now...its all filed with ungreatfull greedy immature cry babies.

kaveti66162517d ago

Hardcore fans suck. They always feel entitled to everything the developer does and if the developer does something the fan doesn't like, the fan takes it personally.

That is why it is better to not have fans. Fans are the ones who start boycotts against their own beloved developers. DGAF gamers will buy a game if they think it's good. They don't involve themselves in the politics of the industry. "Oh, I'm boycotting this because the map packs are timed for another consoles." "Oh, this game is going to suck because they removed that one feature that I kind of liked in the predecessor" "Oh, this limited edition helmet is make of plastic. I'm never buying a game from them again."

I don't mean fanboys. FANS are bad. I like Bungie's games, but I'm not a fan of Bungie to the extent that I would buy everything they make without question. But the fans do, and they still bitch about everything.

koh2516d ago

I would like to see you open a game studio and say that it is better to have no fans.

Elven62516d ago

There's a difference between having fans and having fanboys.

kneon2516d ago

It sounds like Bungie has a lot of fans in the toddler demographic /s

Really, just grow up already.

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Shackdaddy8362517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Sound like little brats to me...

One reason why I don't like to hang out with most gamers in real life.

WhiteLightning2517d ago

Wait...that picture

Is that what you get in that bag...holy crap no wonder they're p*ssed off. I wish I knew about this I would of bought one, I'm not mad but I can kind of see where they're coming from.

Brash_Attack2517d ago

You don't know what you get in the bag yet. They just said that it will be at least work 30 bucks. It can contain anything from shirts, to Zunes to signed games etc. A dude already got his and got the attached images.

WhiteLightning2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Oh right...never mind then

I thought that was the full thing in the picture....all that stuff for 30 bucks, yes please. Never knew you only got a some of the things.

Oh well least they're giving the money to charity

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2517d ago

According to SuperPokenerd, an “Honorable Member” on the Bungie forums, “Today, bungie showed a blatant disregard for its fans and community. I could care less if this was for charity or for profit (i don’t believe in charity andyway) and I’m utterly disgusted at bungie if they think what they did today was ok.”

lmao...what a douchebag. this whiney little prick is an "honorable member" of their community. wow. kudos to the devs trying to help out charities, shame on the so called fans of them for some of the comments they make.

Parasyte2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Funny thing about the forums rankings of members on BNet, they are only based on the amount of time the person has been a member of the Bungie forums and how many times the person has been banned in the past. Judging by the fact that he's only an Honorable Member, he's only been on the Bungie forums for at least 1 year and he's been banned at least once.

This is precisely the reason I don't visit Bungie's forums anymore. 80% (or thereabouts) of their "fans" are the whiniest, most immature, selfish little brats I have ever encountered in my entire 26 years of existence.

It's sickening that that little fucker - sorry for the profanity, but I couldn't think of a better word - doesn't believe in charity. Selfishness personified right there.

I have always respected Bungie for the amount of money that they donate to various charities on an almost yearly basis. Though I may not agree with some of the things that they've done business-wise, I still stand by them for their talent, heart, and commitment to creating a solid game.

marioPSUC2517d ago

People just need to stop whining. Bungie stated that the bags would be in limited quanities and its a first come first serve. They wanted the people who got the bags to have something special that only a small amount of people got. They wouldnt be special if everyone was able to buy them.

Plus bungie is doing more special things like on bungie day.

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