Street Fighter X Tekken is a Fighting Fan’s Dream Come True, Seth Killian Breaks it Down For Us

DualShockers writes: "Although we took a few quick peaks at Capcom’s upcoming Street Figher X Tekken at this year’s E3, it wasn’t until yesterday here in New York that we got the chance to get up close and personal with the brawler. To say that it was worth the wait is an understatement and luckily we had the best person around to demo the title for us in person. Capcom’s community manager Seth Killian’s gave us a tour and breakdown of all the combos and possibilities for what will undoubtedly be Capcom’s most ambitious fighter to date. Check out the full interview!"

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Stryfeno22520d ago

Errrrr. its not. CvS3 would be.

maniacmayhem2520d ago

I agree a capcom vs. Snk 3 would be a dream come true.

zerocrossing2520d ago

It would have been better had the game played like Tekken instead of Street fighter, Or atleast Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

Ddouble2519d ago

Namco are doing their version, Tekken X Street Fighter which will play like Tekken

zerocrossing2519d ago

Sounds great looking forward to it, Im not saying this version is bad or anything just not for me.

RichterBelmont2520d ago

Would rather have Tekken X Street Fighter.