Impressions: Uncharted 3′s multiplayer should concentrate on being Uncharted and not Call of Duty

One of the surprises about Uncharted 2 was that the multiplayer was actually good. The combination of small maps as well as being able to scale the maps allowed for a fast-paced multiplayer game that was addictive. Uncharted 3’s beta proves that it can be a competent successor, but has it lost its identity in the process?

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WhiteLightning2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

What a great article


Exactly what many of us U2 veterans are thinking

LOGICWINS2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I've noticed that the majority of people who are unhappy with the beta are UC2 veterans. I had UC2, but I hated the MP so much that I just gave the game to my friend. UC3 is a god-send IMO. I hope ND doesn't back down this time and decrease the health of players.

BrianG2644d ago

Agreed, I've already played UC3 Beta more than UC2 multplayer. I find it to be a better experience.

omi25p2644d ago

So your saying its good that fans of the old game dont like it and that ND are aiming for a wider audience?

MidnytRain2644d ago

I think some UC2 veterans (I am one, but don't feel this way) don't like the fact that they have to master new skills, or at least that's part of it.

telekineticmantis2644d ago

but that's probably because I'm just as good as I've always been.

-Alpha2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

They ripped off too many COD ideas and lost the core gameplay, but it's still fun. They had a beautiful menu in UC2 but the one in UC3 is much like COD, but a lot more uglier and cluttered. Not fond of booster upgrading, the female voiceover reminding me to use my kickback and the silly creepy crawler kickback. There is a lot of worry about potential balance issues. Much like MW2, I fear that they threw in a bunch of things and that there could be a balance issue that we are not yet seeing. But overall, it seems fine.

They took too much inspiration from COD. UC2 took more from Halo. I prefer that simplicity. IMO a good game shouldn't have to throw in too many gimmicks and constantly dangle a carrot in front of a player to retain player support. A good game will have followers based on its gameplay. But many devs add all these things to ensure players stick around and are constantly awarded. That is the "COD effect" that some don't like

My main concern is the weapon loadouts. I feel that when people get a great loadout they wont bother going for the power weapons, which was key to winning in UC2. I don't like the macro as a secondary pistol and think it needs to be a pickup weapon. They need to up the pistol a bit too IMO.

UC2 was more a halo-like style where you battle for map control. The maps were better in UC2-- smaller yet spacious and always frantic. UC3 maps are a bit too big and I feel that they lost the simplicity of UC2. I find myself running looking for enemies more than I need to. UC2 had smaller maps, but even the big ones like Plaza were designed better-- less obstruction, well placed power weapons, etc.

I like UC3 despite the change, it's not necessarily bad, just different. But I wish it retained the core UC2 element.

If they can get rid of mods/loadouts and add more weapon pickups for Hardcore I'd have no complaints. As it is now, they need to work on some of the balancing of power plays. But it's still fun. Love overtime too, very clever feature

For the people who didn't play UC2 much, try to understand how it feels for people who supported ND. It's easy to just casually play UC3 and give it two thumbs up if you've never gotten into UC2. But UC2 was a fantastic game and brilliant because of its simplicity and fluidity. I'm a UC2 player. I like the game, just disappointed in a few things.

Rainstorm812644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


I played U2 mp constantly and adapted through the 1.05 debacle and all and the U3 Beta if fine IMO, nice additions to to an already good MP.

YES you must adapt with new skills/tactics, but its the same Uncharted gameplay.

All U2 vets arent against the MP

@ Alpha

I had two matches that went into Overtime then into Sudden Death in Three team DM.... I loved U2 MP but U3 MP is a welcome change but i do agree that the maps couldve been designed a bit more like U2s MP maps....small and tactical but hey its only 2 maps in the beta....who knows?

-Alpha2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


IMO the huge map design, lack of well placed power weapons (the sniper in UC2's Village makes sense, the TBolt in a CQC hallway does not), and the class loadouts are the main issues. UC2's beta maps were so much better

They need smaller maps, and IMO need to get rid of loadouts for hardcore mode.

sdtarm2644d ago

how is this game going more CoDish? if anything it is going the opposite way, more health and slower paced MP will be harder to kill ppl... all the UC "veterans" are just mad cuz they exploited the game to get bullsht ass kills but they cant do that anymore

NiKK_4192644d ago

all they're doing is updating it and making it better. what is the problem with that?

SilentNegotiator2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I REALLY don't think they made that many changes anyway. EVERYONE is doing the unlocking tree BS, so why just make a stink about it over Uncharted? Where are all of the complaints for Halo Reach taking so many hints from COD? It was the same thing with Killzone 3; they added some unlocking things and took of a few of the lead body weights that the characters were wearing in Killzone 2, and it's "ZOMG it's teh COD wannabez!!"

I'm still moving around without a fixed reticle-aim, climbing stuff, shooting from edges, tearing people off of the edges....what's not Uncharted about it?

"One of the key themes to the update is Naughty Dog’s attempt to make the game more ‘cinematic’. Maps now start and end with short cutscenes, putting into context your battles and the consequences of your battle. Maps like Airstrip continue this starting the map on a runway as the plane is chased by a horde of trucks. The concept is interesting by making the game more ‘cinematic’, but at the moment is hampered due to poor spawn placements that can result in one team being spawn camped"
Ummm......10 second cutscenes are that bad? And when the heck does this lead to spawn camping?

"Free –for – all also makes an appearance, which is most pointless because Uncharted’s multiplayer was always team orientated. This addition seems to be one that caters to COD players"
I guess I forgot that COD invented the Free-for-all match. How dare ND add a MP option.

What an awful article.

Biggest2644d ago

Beta. Send your complaints to Naughty Dog via the proper channels. This is not a proper channel.

Black-Helghast2643d ago

Pfft, whats the big deal? I'm an Uncharted 2 veteran, hell I was playing UC2 before the beta went live and I don't see ANY problems with UC3. I love the buddy system, Character customization, New weapons, Kick backs, that 1-Shot kill sniper<3, Sprinting, EVERYTHING. I just LOVE Uncharted 3. I played UC2 alone cause all my friends hated Uncharted 2 and now I'm playing UC3 with all my friends. They even said they'll buy it day 1 cause of the multiplayer. Good job ND. Keep up the good work! (:

KimDongHwan2643d ago

I am a semi Veteran U2 Player, and i also find this beta awesome, the people that complain is always the people that is hard to adapt, because they get to used to the same gameplay that even the minor update for them is the end of the world, like when they downgraded the fire rate of the FAL. This happens in real life also, like when facebook changed and everybody was against, but now everybody is used to this one, until another update arrives.

socomnick2643d ago Show
Dee_912643d ago

What the hell is this crap ..COD ? really ?
I play MW2 daily I didnt see a bit of COD

@MidnytRain so u just wanted another UC2 with more maps ?
like COD

I dont why every game has to be like or get something from another game .. If they do something similar they are copying if they do something new you dont like it because your not use to it .. get over it people .. this goes to show you can never please everyone ever

MaxXAttaxX2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

COD didn't invent 'FREE-FOR-ALL'. And UC3's multiplayer is even more slow paced than before. Which means better and less COD like.
I've been playing it for 3 days straight and have not witnessed any "spawn camping" of any sort.

And if you don't like Boosters or Kickbacks. TRY HARDCORE MODE!
There are no Boosters or Kickbacks for you people to bitch about. Just skills.

The ONLY thing I liked better in UC2 was the maps. But so far we've only seen 2 maps from a bunch more in the final game.

(P.S. I think Kickbacks are kinda fun and Powerplays keep things a bit interesting from time to time.)

MaxXAttaxX2643d ago

Same Uncharted gameplay.

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Kur02644d ago

No bunny hopping for you. I'm happy the way U3's MP is going. Hopefully they wont concede to the 1.05 babies and lower the health.

WhiteLightning2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Bunny hoping...I never did anyway seemed noobish to me

All I mean is that ND are focusing way too much into making this like COD instead of Uncharted...which made Uncharted 2 before the 1.5 patch so great.
Theres a ton of things I love about U3 but it's the problems ND want to hear. It's the whole point of the beta

Chinner2644d ago

At least hardcore mode is there. shows the potential the game has without the unfair COD stuff.

Ser2644d ago

Agreed Kur0.

I'm quite enjoying the beta so far. Bunny hopping was one of the worst things about U2's multiplayer.

MidnytRain2644d ago


Before that patch, power weapons were overpowered. If it takes an entire clip to kill me, but only half a second to blow you up with my RPG, then you have almost no chance but to hope I miss. The decrease in health balanced out the weapons.

nycredude2644d ago

I don't see how anyone can think this is codish. It plays nothing like cod.

KingDustero2643d ago

The only true Uncharted 2 vets are the ones who supported the game from launch up until 1.05. I played the hell out of the game during that time period and loved the hell out of it.

After the patch though I just gave up with it. The game was ruined by it. I tried multiple times to get back into, but never could.

Uncharted 3 so far takes what made Uncharted 2's MP pre-1.05 so amazing and adds to it content that increases the depth of it.

The way I see it CoD has many good ideas in their games. However they're no implemented well. Uncharted 3 however has gotten inspiration from some of those ideas and has figured out how to put them in the game to make them work well, for the most part. Some things are unbalanced, like the rapid-fire AK mod. However this is just a beta. It would be stupid to judge how balanced a game is from a beta. That is the whole point of a beta, to balance the game.

So it is true that ND has created things similar to stuff in CoD games in Uncharted 3. However they haven't done it in a stupid way. Power Plays, weapon mods, kickbacks and boosters all work pretty well already. There are just a coupe minor issues with them, but overall they're pretty well balanced.

This is coming from someone who has already reached level 26 and I'm still playing the hell out of it right now. Uncharted 3 will easily have one of the best MPs this year.

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LOGICWINS2644d ago

Btw, does anybody know if gun customization is in hardcore mode? I don't think it is.

WhiteLightning2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

That's what I'm thinking. The hardcore playlist will be pointless if they will include those's the whole point of a classic/hardcore playlist

It bugs me that you can still spawn next to your buddy like the buddy system in the hardcore playlist is still there.

It's funny how unlike the forums on ND, you can't say anything bad since your apparently "attacking"/"ha ting" the game. The amounts of times I've commented on U3 articles in the past how excited I am for the game.


That wasn't directed at you LOGICWINS, you said something on a comment yesterday about U3 and you got disagreed to death. I meant N4G in general just saying

LOGICWINS2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Relax man, I'm not attacking you. It's your opinion. Btw, I don't see how spawning next to your buddy gives a player that much of an advantage. But I agree that hardcore mode should have NO gun customization in defeats the purpose of harcore mode.

bwazy2644d ago

LOL the buddy spawning system is interesting. More than once I've been in a fire fight with a person and all of a sudden his buddy manages to spawn on him (it works both ways as i've done the same).

They just need to tweak it ad make sure its working properly.

I absolutely hate it when my buddy disconnects mid game, feels like im at a disadvantage.

Big Frank2644d ago ShowReplies(6)
Baba19062644d ago

i loved the UC2 multiplayer and i like the UC3 Beta a lot too so i dont see a problem. =D

xPhearR3dx2644d ago

Uncharted 3 trying to be COD? Funny, I thought that about Uncharted 2's MP. Very casual pick up and play easy game.

Anderson82644d ago

it took me a game or 2 to adapt but i'm pleased with the new game a few minor tweaks and it will be as fun as the last 1...

but if i see a supranational awareness booster they'll be problems

Anderson82644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


the_kutaragi_baka2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

this game i s just a more over-team based version of CoD multiplayer, seems to be the common trend these days. -___-

Gray-Fox-Type02643d ago

At this rate Uncharted 3 Multiplayer is looking nothing too great, and won't be known as the big boy multiplayer games.

Halo , COD , Gears Of War , Battlfield .

I am still playing it looking forward to trying the cinematic and moving matches but from what i have played on the two maps only uncharted fans will stick around to play and other players will move on in couple of hours.

Gray-Fox-Type02643d ago

Airship map with intro and jumping from trucks to trucks is a nice touch and finally arriving at the map. Maps are too big and running around finding your enemies can be tiresom.

I believe the campaign will be a blast but multiplayer forgettable.

Dee_912643d ago

the airfield map is average size to me
the other one is a bit too big for the amount of players playing

helghast1022643d ago

Stop claiming to be a "UC2 veteran", anyone that cared about that games multiplayer left at 1.05.
Why is this so hard to understand?
Uncharted 2 was pure Uncharted until that update, whence it became Call of Drake.
Uncharted 3 is what Uncharted 2 was, one of the finest multiplayers of the generation.

Headshot812643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

U3 is shaping up to be a great game. I played with some of the U2 vets on my friend's list. They're liking the beta a whole lot more than the U2 game. I just don't see the complaints.

Dee_912643d ago

yea all you see is complaints on the internet but for the normal people who dont over analyse and actually play the game for what it is and dont treat it like it was suppose to be tailored for their liking are too busy playing it right now like myself

Downtown boogey2643d ago

As an Uncharted 1&2 'Platinumist', I am not thinking of that.

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Chinner2644d ago

Just for reference, although I'm critical of the beta, I don't think its bad, in fact I think it's incredibly fun!

JimboJones2644d ago

Honestly i was worried in my first game, but UC3 is a different experience to Uncharted 2. Both are good in their own right. Although Uncharted 3 has much more customisation options and high-fives :D

Chinner2644d ago

Haha, I do love the high-fives!

bwazy2644d ago

I like air humping the crap outta the players I own.

Ser2644d ago

It's even better when said air hump restocks your ammo. Daredevil perk ftw.

FailOverHero2644d ago

Killzone 3 did it, Socom 4 did it, now UC 3 is also trying to be the next COD...why can't sony see that that is not what we want?
Sure a couple of die-hards will now claim UC 2 MP wasn't that great and claim to have played this beta more than the full UC 2 MP but we all know they are lying thru their teeth and if we were to rewind just 2 days ago they would have pulled your head off if you dissed anything Uc2.
In the end however, this will up just like kz3 and socom 4, fail in attracting CoD crowds and alienate true series fans

Redempteur2644d ago

it's not trying to be COD .

it's totally different.

Every game that try to change thing get unfairly accused and it's really funny

Thoreau2644d ago

if you played kz3 you would know that the kz3 is nothing like cod, uc3 however, is somewhat similar.

HeavenlySnipes2644d ago

What? I didn't know COD had dynamic changing maps, or climbing or high health, or a working match making system, or a feature forcing you to have to get medals to use killstreaks (in UC3, u have to get medals to use kick backs, you don't get medals by just killing someone. You have to get headshots, buddy assists, edt). UC3 is far from COD. Only similarity I see are the emblems (but in UC3 thd top players emblem displays across the map).

perdie2644d ago

um black ops has changing maps, climbing and in some stupid laggy cases high health. and the match making system is better because I get games way faster.

Neko6082644d ago

Glad I'm not the only one...

Soon as I started the UC3 beta it eerily felt like the KZ3 beta.

r212644d ago

i agree. dont wanna bring hate, but when i see most of U3 beta MP, i always get the strange feeling that its like CoD. especially when i saw that Creepy Crawler kickback which looked like that RC car thing in CoD...but more unfair.

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Hicken2644d ago

I'm a UC2 vet. Played hella games on it and loved. And I love UC3's multiplayer just as much, if not more. Hell, everybody that i played with on UC2- all of whom also played lots of that game- are all loving the UC3 beta.

Resemblance to CoD? Where?

leogets2644d ago

i dont see any resemblance either mate. i think people are chatting shit AGAIN. least theyre leaving DICE alone at the moment lol

Gran Touring2644d ago

The resemblance is in the boosters, kickbacks and customization, and the article was saying how these things don't make the game balanced but rather reward players who invest more time.

Hicken2644d ago

Except that won't matter if actually take the time to learn the game and the weapons at your disposal.

Additionally, there's the nice fact that Power Plays kick in to balance things quite nicely. So nicely, in fact, that my friends and I lost a game thanks to one. Yeah, it sucked, but even though we had better "perks" than the other team, we still had to work hard to win, and in the end, we lost by one. It happens.

Redempteur2644d ago

customization is a good thing

COD didn't invent the boosters online ( and so far the booster doesn't make you overpowered )

the kickback aren't as broken as the killstreak of COD ( where killstreak give you mre killstreaks
Here there is a set must be spent before getting another ..

DreamTension2644d ago

I've played about 5 hours of the beta so far and not once did COD enter my mind.