You'll like Infamous 2 more without the user-generated content

Bitmob: User-generated content isn't inherently a bad thing. Sony's "Play. Create. Share." initiative works beautifully in games like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers because creating new levels and challenges is integral to their design. But the whole idea goes horribly wrong when it's injected into titles that have absolutely no business being tampered with -- like Infamous 2.

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Kur02640d ago

I didn't get Infamous 2 for UGC, I barely even touched the feature.

NewMonday2640d ago

the most fun i have had is from UGC, and with time better and stranger missions will pop up.

the best stuff is available if you filter to "featured" and "favorites"

STK0262640d ago

While some missions are fun, some are either boring, or worse, unplayable, either due to major frame rate issues (with way too many enemies on screen or because they can't be completed some times, due to glitches).

I thinks it's a great idea, I also believe the execution is good, but the problem seems to be how some users have used the tools at their disposal and probably a huge lack of testing from said users before submitting their missions.

badz1492639d ago

in fact, you can turn it completely off from showing on your maps throughout the whole game! one of the complain after the 1st game was there is nothing to do once you've completed both good and evil and collected all blast shards and dead drops. So, Sucker Punched introduced the UGC to let you have things to play once you've finished everything and yet, some people are complaining? I for once love inFAMOUS but due to nothing to do left, I stopped playing. it's not a 'living' world like GTA od Saint Row where there are things you can do besides the story and UGC in IF2 really is helping to keep the game fresh IMO. and you get XP for finishing them. what's there to complain?

PirateThom2640d ago

The UCG made me think the game needs some sort of arena combat mode... the best UGC is when you get waves of monsters attacking you.

koehler832640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Totally doable in the UGC creator. If everyone just made a different variation of Horde Mode, it would justify its existence.

The problem isn't the feature, it's just the content. Every mission in the game was created with it. People just need more inspiration and more time.

Unfortunately, once again, the addition of trophies tied to the creation of content tends to encourage crappy rushed content. But as people who are into creating stuff jump into the creator to obtain that trophy, more and more will become inspired to create good stuff.

The exact same thing happened in LittleBigPlanet. In fact, using LBP as an example of a good UGC implementation to contrast Infamous 2 as a bad one is a little ignorant of the progress LBP has made.

Why o why2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Sorry. I wouldnt of. The single player game didnt seem like it suffered, I didnt pay anymore for the game because of it and i played quite a few levels. Many were challenging and fun others were crap but all of them helped you gain money for the single player which was a good incentive to do a few.

What ugc in infamous proved is that it can be implemented into games like these. Its all dependent on the tools and the willingness of the community to create and play levels. Maybe the devs are actually learning from this. You never know

nycrekid2640d ago

Another writer proving that we need way less of these sites.

No one ever said you have to play these levels. In fact you can finish the whole game without ever touching one!

Go figure.

Neckbear2640d ago

Read the article first, bro. The writer mentions that she turned off the levels for said very reason. She got what she wanted out of the game without the UGC.

Her issue is that the UGC feels forced into the game, and out of place. And I completly agree with her, in fact, most people wouldn't even touch the UGC was it not because you were required to play a few and make one for a couple of trophies.

As she said, it's just unnecessary.

Solidus187-SCMilk2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

well for every person who hates it to the extent that they think it shouldnt be there, there are 2 who get something enjoyable out of it.

I never understood about complaining about things like this. if you dont like it, dont use it. There are people who enjoy it and get more out of the game because of it.

Just because a game has a feature that you dont like or use, doesnt mean everyone feels that way or that it should not be included.

I just dont get your and her view that it shouldn't be there. It being there has enhanced some peoples experience. It not being there would not enhance her/your experience. If you dont use it, then it is just like it isnt there.

Are you and her some of those people who think others should only enjoy what you like?

I just dont understand how having the option to do UGC makes someone's experience worse. But I do understand how someone's experience can be enhanced by it.

Ares842640d ago

I tried a few UGC and I thought it was the dumbest thing that anyone ever did. Such a stupid missions and not one was fun to play.

Strange_Evil2640d ago

Just set the filters to 'Most popular' or 'favorites' or something and then select the kill em all missions filter... Lots of good missions out there. Some made by Sukerpunch and some by users... Give it some time, everyday I find 2-3 really good levels like the one's in the game... Eventually the cream will come out on top.

GrandTheftZamboni2639d ago

I played a few created by Sucker Punch and I liked them. If I had time I'd create one myself paying attention to the location e.g. near the wires and pipes for fluid gameplay, placing those typhoon tokens where there are hordes of enemies for adrenaline rush... If someone dissects and understands the gameplay, they can surely create a great UGC.

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