Final Fantasy Fans: Square Enix Isn't Listening To Us

Square Enix keeps saying they're listening to the Final Fantasy fans. ...and all the FF fans are saying, ", they're not."

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LeonhartX2548d ago

Couldn't agree more....sadly

Simon_Brezhnev2548d ago

I seriously hope FF13-2 flops in Japan but it wont. They need 2 stop messing with FFvs13 team to do other projects and let them finish FFvs13.

Abriael2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Because you know that vs13 will be better than XIII-2 right? Because... because... because it has "versus" in the name!

I have a chuckle every time someone depicts versus XIII as some sort of gaming messiah without even knowing anything about how it'll play or even the story.

WhiteLightning2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

@Abriael...Does it matter

It actually looks like our last hope of a good final fantasy game this gen

That's why I've always said they should make it into a main FF game and call it FF15

EDIT: "Preemptively hating on a game because of the title is simply brainless"

How am I hating on it I'm suggesting something they should do, it would get the spotlight back on the game. Besides what we HAVE seen it looks amazing better then FF13.

Abriael2548d ago

I don't care about the name. I care about it being a good game, and that we'll have to see when we have a sizable part of it in front of our eyes. Now it's way too early to know, as we've seen way too little (but what has been shown has promise).

Preemptively hating on a game because of the title is simply brainless.

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trounbyfire2548d ago


it wouldn't have anything to do with V13 actually looking cooler than FF13/-2. No we just want it because its a ps3 exclusive and it says versus. REALLY V13 art direction/style and landscape look really cool.
i hope its not emo save the world.

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trounbyfire2548d ago

when they have to have a shareholders meeting to decide if FF games should be on PSN you have a problem.

V13 still looks great

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Styxoric2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Yeah... it's f*cking sad.

Square Enix/Soft fell after X, their last remaining hope is Versus XIII, which i'm starting to think has been cancelled.

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Nate-Dog2548d ago

Like the article states, if Squeenix were listening to FF fans, XIII-2 would never be happening.

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Abriael2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is happening exactly because Squeenix is starting to listen to the fans. Many were dissatisfied with XIII, and they're producing a sequel to set things right, which is a very logical thing to do.

WhiteLightning2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

No it's not you may aswell start on a new game so you can appeal to ALL the fans. Why make a sequel just for improvments.

Improvments or not people won't buy it because they havent played/completed or bought FF13 for whatever reason WHY would they buy a sequel. They'd be lost in the story for one.

They may aswell make a new game to set things right.

Judging by your other comments on here it's like your a major Square fangirl

Nate-Dog2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

But wouldn't it just be smarter to make sure the likes of VersusXIII and the PS3 version of XIV are released in due time and at a good quality (and of course aswell continue to put in good work on the PC XIV version) rather than constantly adding more to the overly populated list of SE titles already scheduled for release which is resulting in more games of a lower quality? Squeenix have even said themselves that a lot of XIII-2 is going to be full from material that was already made / already in development for XIII which couldn't be fit into the final game, and they basically decided to make a second game before XIII was even released and all of the problems FF fans had with it were voiced.

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Abriael2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Gotta love random people that think they can speak for the "fans".

Maybe Square Enix isn't listening to you. Which doesn't equate to not listening to "the fans".

All we saw so far of Final Fantasy XIII-2 shows quite clearly that they're listening quite a lot, and with good reason. Gotta love people preemptively hating on a game of which they know almost nothing.

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Otheros002548d ago

"Gotta love random people that think they can speak for the "fans"."

Like you. When your clearly have never played a FF in your life.

SE is not listening to the fans. If they were their game won't be so westernize.

2548d ago
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