New Gears of War 3 character Aaron Griffin gets down in new trailer

A new trailer was released revealing the new character Aaron Griffin voiced by famous rapper Ice- T.

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DiRtY2640d ago

this does not look like an official trailer to me.

Paradicia2640d ago

It's a compliation that was released around E3.

Anyway, its sick nonetheless. The Mauler sword animation at 0:39 was so DURTY! :L

2640d ago
YodaCracker2640d ago


Fastest game ever to 1 million pre-orders, and that includes multiplatform games. I CANNOT F***ING WAIT!!!!

gamingdroid2640d ago

I kind wait either. Imagine the community behind it!

We are going to have people playing that game years to come... which means plenty of suckers gonna get some @ss whoppin by me. ;P

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The story is too old to be commented.