Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions (

Juan of Writes:

"Tuesday saw the release of the Uncharted 3‘s multiplayer beta. After getting off to a rocky start, Naughty Dog has patched the beta and while there are still a few issues, the multi-player component of Uncharted 3 is a promising venture."

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dwightmccarthy2577d ago

im digging the power play in the middle of the tdm game. something new.

admiralvic2577d ago

Looks really good... I should start my copy soon >.<

rrquinta2577d ago

I still have to play the first two...

Loko232577d ago

i didnt like the multiplayer of U2 but this beta is so addictive im enjoying it too much!

KeiserSosay47882577d ago

I like the power play stuff and pretty much the whole interface and menus they are using...I'm not liking a few of the perks though. Hopefully those get sorted out before release, which I know ND will do.

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