Medal of Honor on Sale in The Steam Store

Electronic Arts has notified fans that their game "Medal of Honor" is currently on sale in the Steam Store for a whopping 66% off.

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a_squirrel2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Dude, it was honestly the best single palyer experience I've ever had.

I'm thinking of the part with the Taliban coming over the hill at you, and it looked like it was going to have the COD scenario, where dude dies, and I become someone else, BUT I DIDN'T! :D It was great.

Besides, that shotgun is awesome.

KeiserSosay47882337d ago

oh man...good thing its as fun as bc2! :/

callmedom942337d ago

And, it includes the Battlefield 3 Beta, according to the description, don't forget that.

DeadlyFire2337d ago

My reason for buying this. :P 10 bucks isn't a bad deal for a one year old game + a Beta invite. Even if MP is average or below average.

Jdub895O2337d ago

yeah so what happened to that beta? I see it but where is the promo key.....ps3

khan_saab2337d ago

this game is going to be on sale for $10.00 at Canadian Gamestops as a Canada Day sale

peowpeow2337d ago

Showing normal price on steam, must be over? Someone confirm please

Jacks_Medulla2337d ago

Yeah, it was a daily deal yesterday. I still didn't feel it was worth ten dollars.

PandaJenkins2337d ago

yea this article is late.... I personally thought the SP was pretty good of MOH. MP was average however.

jdktech20102337d ago

Single player was worth ten dollars and the multi about was a solid game but not for 60. Semi-false advertising doesn't help my opinion either

Jacks_Medulla2337d ago

It felt like one of those games I would buy simply because it was on sale. The odds are, I would never actually play it. Besides, I just got Bad Company 2 for the PC today(I've had it on consoles, but recently switched to PC gaming). That is all the military shooter I need until Battlefield 3 is released.