Bethesda 'will support Wii U if it's powerful enough'

CVG: "Bethesda will bring its core titles, such as Skyrim, Rage and Prey 2, to the Nintendo Wii U... if the tech is powerful enough.

Although we saw big name franchises like Call of Duty come to the original Wii, for Bethesda, the amount of re-development that would have gone into names like Fallout and Elder Scrolls made the lower powered machine a no go."

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jacksonmichael2516d ago

Well, I guess... As long as they have a good excuse...

NLGSean2515d ago

That basically means Yes...

matey2515d ago

What part of alot more powerful than ps3 Valves words and Zelda HD cant be replicated on ps3 doesnt Bethesda understand Custom power 7 cpu 4 cores minimum/Custom HD Radeon gpu using there most current tech/1080p native 60fps+/Epic is even impressed with the WiiU power.

matey2515d ago

Oh the latest Darksiders2 screens are WiiU lead platform go look on