NBA 2K12: First Screen Revealed

Today 2K Sports has shared the first screen of NBA 2K12. Showing Dirk Nowitzki preparing a lovely shot over Miami’s Lebron James and Chris Bosh, the screen captures the essence of the NBA Finals – in which Dirk led the Dallas Mavericks over James’ super powered Miami Heat for the NBA title.

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thugbob2573d ago

I hope My Player mode is improved greatly. I love that mode.

JonnyBigBoss2573d ago

Amen. I spent so many hours in NBA2k11's My Player.

crxss2573d ago

only way i'll get this is if D.Rose is on the cover. huge bulls fan and having back-to-back bulls would be amazing.

NYC_Gamer2573d ago

dirk should be on the cover since he is the finals mvp

Sub-Zero852573d ago

I hope D.Rose does make the cover .... I am also a huge die-hard Bulls fanatic , Let's go Bulls !!

BlazeCP32573d ago

i hope derrick rose isnt on the cover because he is the most hyped and overrated player in the league

TBONEJF2573d ago


ufo8mycat2573d ago

It's only fitting that Dirk be on the cover for NBA 2k12 after the way he played in the Finals.

If not Dirk, then Season MVP Derrick Rose.

2573d ago
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